Razor E200 Scooter – What kids love and hate about this electric scooter?

Razor-E200-scooterRazor E200 scooter is one of the revolutionary devices in the scooter industry. It is among the stand devices manufactured by the Razor Company. This company has already established itself as a leading company in manufacturing high quality and recreational scooter varieties.

E200 scooters are made fitted with adjustable bars hence can be used by different sized leaders. It can also reach a speed of 12 mph making it more challenging and fun to ride. The speed is also suitable for use in public roads since it won’t slow the traffic and at the same time it is not too dangerously hard to control the device.

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List of electric scooter E200 features:

  • The handle bars are adjustable hence different sized people can conveniently use the device
  • The rotary electric motors can create speed of up to 12mph which is fast and safe to the rider
  • Uses electric battery with no pollution effect
  • Has pneumatic wheels that can be ridden on rough terrain
  • Can accommodate even adults weighing less than 220 pounds
  • The lightweight of the scooter enhances its portability
  • It can be folded for easy transportation and saving space
  • Comes with a pair of batteries
  • Has a rear brake for speed control

E200 scooters are suitable for use by all ages and genders as long as the rider is less than 200 pounds.

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E200 scooter pros
  • Retails at affordable cost of sometimes less than $200
  • Has adequate space for placing both of your feet
  • It is light and yet stronger than previous models
E200 Razor scooter cons
  • Batteries can only last for 45 minutes
  • You need 10 hours to fully recharge the batteries

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The affordability and comfort attributed to Razor E200 scooters still makes them among the best in the market. Your children maneuverability will increase. They will not have to wait for their parents to drive them to school or theater.

Razor E200 reviews:

By Valerie Joe (UT),

I purchase this scooter for my 9 year old daughter. I was considering a smaller model as a result of age recommended but later I decided to settle with this. I’m glad that my girl can handle the device well and I do not have to worry about a senior child riding it and breaking it.

By Disappointed Mom,

I have always trusted Amazon products. However, recently I ordered this scooter but it was delivered missing some parts. Christmas is gone and yet I have not received the missing parts. I’m just disappointed greatly and I think this is a Razor problem not Amazon.

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