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Since Childrensalon was founded in 1952 by Sybil Harriman, the company vision has always been to dress children beautifully.

Their passion has grown, from selling beautiful handmade dresses and boys’ suits from their shop in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells, England, to being the world’s largest online store for designer childrenswear – still offering the same friendly service that you would find in their shop all those years ago


ChildrenSalon has over 270 brands – each one carefully chosen. Every season, there are the most beautiful, exciting new designers to offer.

The selection ranges from the most prestigious designers – such as Burberry, Dior, Gucci, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli – to small, up-and-coming brands

Delivery & Return

They deliver worldwide. If you are not satisfied, you can certainly return. One of the best customer service.

Customers feedback

Childrensalon has a whole load of happy customers.

Pretty shop filled with some really great toys and designer clothing. Staff could be a bit more friendly, no one even said hello to me when we went in but the stuff is gorgeous

I recommend Childrensalon to every friend of mine. Fast delivery, complete range of brands, and great service. You are the best!

My favorite online shopping website! Most stylish clothing and best customer service!
Never fail to impress! A big thumbs up:)

This is my first time order from Childrensalon and I am very impressed byt its amazing service and fast delivery. My international order came within 3 days and even faster than those online purchase that I made locally. Will definitely look to order from this site again. Thank you!

>> Click here to visit ChildrenSalon online store is the premier online department store with an impressive range of men’s and women’s clothing from big name brands, as well as a huge choice of electronics, gifts and entertainment.

Below we have compiled customers reviews and feedback for your reference:

From Litsa,

ordered the harry potter lego toy from here just a few days ago, It came within a few days- really simple, no hassle! oh, and it was the best price i could find too!

From Meaty,

I’ve placed a few orders with these guys now, at the begining I was a little worried you know what it’s like ordering online from someone that you have never used before and quite honestly everything has turned up really quickly with no problems.
My latest order was for the new bond movie which was released on the 23rd. I got my copy well before the release date……… Fantastic!!!!
In my opinion this film was a little crap, parts of all the other bond movies, so i was really disappointed when watching it.
This place offers great prices and a big range of items.
Delivery is also good, most of my items arrived before i expected them, but you get e-mail confirmation when its been sent.
I’d definately buy more from them it’s great.
Also the new lookis great………….. seems to of had a face lift!!

From Rajiv,

Fantastic price for Berghaus Vapour Storm jacket. Excellent delivery – arrived next day even though I opted for economy delivery. Very pleased would highly recommend!!

From Ania,

Hadn’t heard of TheHut until this first order. Needless to say, I’m really pleased and wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

From Racheal,

I have found THE HUT to offer great value for money, great service and exceptionally fast delivery even when I have qualified for free delivery. I would definitely recommend THE HUT and hope you have fun saving money as I have :)

From Geoff,

We ordered the Salvage Hoody and T-shirt and were delighted with the low cost and the quality of the items. We will definitely shop with The Hut again!

From Nicolas

I bought Knight Rider – The Ultimate Collection, on DVD as it was just over £20, £66 elsewhere and the order arrived within 48 hours! very impressed with the price and speed of delivery! I will be shopping at The Hut more often now I know it exists!!!

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We’re testing a new cleaning service that’s available for hosts living in selected neighborhoods of San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and London. This service is currently limited to the locations listed above.

During the trial, hosts will have the opportunity to set up recurring, professional cleaning appointments for their space. This service is meant to provide hosts with an affordable, easy to schedule, cleaning option to help them better prepare their space for guest arrivals.

Cleanings are arranged by Handy, a company experienced in connecting people with cleaning professionals. This third-party partner interviews each of their cleaners, who also complete a background check.

About is a website and company that promises they can help their customers book both expert home cleaners and handymen at just a moment’s notice, with their convenient and secure booking and payment system.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, all Handy professionals are experienced, friendly, background checked, and insured, so their clients can feel confident that they will be receiving the assistance of a well vetted professional when they book through their website.

All customers need to do is choose the type of service they are hoping to book, then select the date and time they would like their professional to come, including dates as soon as tomorrow.

All payments will be handled through their website, so if a customer has any issue or complaint with the service they have received or the service provider, they can address their concerns with

Price Plans

Customers who use this website to book their services will encounter no fees beyond what they are expected to pay for the services they request.

Refund Policy does say that they offer a Refund Policy, stating that customers who are not 100% happy with the service they have received can speak to one of their representatives and always have the option to receive a full refund of what they paid for their services.

Contact Information

For more information, check out the cleaning checklist and additional services on their website



Founded in 2010, iCracked fosters a community of nearly 2,000 iTechs across the country. In fact, iCracked is the world’s largest and most efficient on-demand repair and trade-in network for iOS devices. And unlike mall kiosk repair shops and their unpredictable reliability, you can be sure that iTechs from iCracked are properly trained technicians who know what they’re doing.

Repair Your Phone

Most of us have been there, we’ve cracked our phone or iPad screen and are left with the hassle of arranging an appointment in the Apple Store where it’s impossible to get a time and date to suit you, and if you’re late by only a few minutes, it’s back to square one to arrange another appointment date.

It shouldn’t ever be this difficult in this day and age and so iCracked have come up with the perfect solution. Call or arrange an appointment with them online at any time and date to suit you, they will come and collect your device and take it away or even better, fix it there and then in front of you at no extra charge.

Sell Your Phone

On the other hand, if you’re looking to sell your iPhone or iPad you can select options which describe the condition of your device from within iCracked™ and the process will more or less be the same, allowing you to meet a rep somewhere that works for you.

You’ll receive quotes in-app so if you’re not happy with the amounts being suggested then you can simply decline the service and you won’t receive any further contact.


  • Easily request a repair for your iOS device in your local area
  • Also provides a simple service for selling your iOS device
  • A representative will come to meet you at your chosen location
  • Specify things like the condition of your iOS device, any faults, and so on for a speedier service
  • Receive a quote from within the app with no further obligation or contact from representatives
  • Most repairs are completed within an hour so you can get back to tweeting in no time
  • The whole process is very clearly explained within the app in a step-by-step manner


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Users Reviews

From Jackie,

I dropped my phone on the way to work, shattered my iPhone 5c screen.  Huge bummer since I’m leaving town tomorrow and wouldn’t have time to go get it fixed.  I contacted iCracked and got a response within 5 minutes.  Texted with tech Chan Le, we worked out timing and location.  He showed up on time, fixed my phone in about 15 minutes, and I was a happy little camper.

From Katie,

Fast and friendly- I requested service Sunday morning and was hooked up with a tech that doesn’t work Sundays, so we set up an appointment over text for Monday afternoon. Met at a coffee shop and my 5s cracked screen was fixed within 20 mins.

Cost was 150 after tax, much cheaper than the 250 the apple store was going to charge me.

From Greg,

Great service.  Brian Barnes is the one to request in the Littleton and Denver area.  Friendly and efficient at what he does.  He is experienced and provided me with great care for my cracked iPhone 5 screen.  I highly recommend iCracked and more specifically Brian.

From Linda,

Chris L. contacted me within minutes of my online inquiry. He was able to pick up my iPad from my home at 6pm, replace the screen at his workshop, and drop the iPad off at my workplace at 10am the next morning–I am über-pleased with the quick turnaround and convenience! I would highly recommend Chris and iCracked: excellent customer service and the repair is of the highest quality. Hey, they even offer a lifetime guarantee for the repair so you cannot go wrong!


Let’s face it, we live in a world where we cannot be without our devices for an hour, let alone a day and iCracked provide a service which you can only dream of from the big suppliers currently based in the UK. They are setting the bar at a very high standard by offering a quick high quality service.

>> Click Here to Visit iCracked Official Website


Shutterstock is one of the ‘Big 6’stock photo agencies on the internet today and refer to themselves as simple, elegant and user friendly. This is the largest microstock in the world which is currently selling around 20 millions of royalty free images, with this figures increasing by 90-100 thousands weekly.  With a long history of stock image selling and buying, Shutterstock caters to designers and corporate accounts that require large inventories of stock photos. For this reason their buying model is subscription only.

Subscription Options

Shutterstock is a subscription only stock photo agency. They offer standard license 25-a-day or on-demand subscriptions and have an enhanced subscription for alternate licensing options. Subscription buying options are transparent and clearly defined.

  • Subscriptions vary in criteria so check the parameters carefully
  • Image prices favor large downloads with the 25-a-day subscription option offering cheapest per image price
  • Minimum investment to buy images is $49.00 USD for on-demand and $249.00 USD for 25-a-day

Image Searching Tool

Shutterstock has a good search engine for their image database. Their categories are extensive, they have included keyword prompting, the search tool is conveniently located and they have included a colour option that is easy to use and specific to designers color requirements.


Although they offer over 10 million images, they offer a good variety including some illustrations, vector images, photo objects, clip art and a limited collection of editorial type photos.  Quality is never sacrificed for the sake of quantity at Shutterstock.


ShutterStock offers a good selection of quality images for a moderate subscription price.  It’s a stock photography service that’s on the up-and-up.  With its current growth, it’s sure to overtake some of its more prestigious competitors any day now.  We see nothing but good things coming from this company.

>> Click Here to Visit Shutterstock  Website


Who is Yatango?

Yatango is an Australian company with an entirely new model for providing mobile phone services. They are a SIM only provider with a difference. Their unique approach centres around a community based model. Essentially the users, aka you, design their own phone plans, sign up more customers and run the customer service department. This genius business model helps Yatango to keep their costs down by getting you to do some of the work. The idea being that in return you get low call rates to enjoy.

Yatango use the optus 4G network, so coverage is great.

We recommend Yatango for unlimited voice and SMS plans in Australia. No other Australian phone company offers the same level of value on unlimited plans, on the Optus 4G network. Importantly, despite the fact that it’s the same network, Optus themselves on’t even offer pricing this good for their unlimited plans when you put them head to head. Specifically, Yatango’s unlimited voice and SMS in Australia plans start at $27.90 per month. We recommend you add some data to that.

  • $34.90 = Unlimited voice and SMS in Australia + 1GB of 4G data.
  • $43.90 = Unlimited voice and SMS in Australia + 3GB of 4G data.

>> Check Out Yatango Plan Here

How do they compare against other SIM only providers? 

If you’ve got a 4G phone ( like an iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or any iPhone 6 – or a Galaxy phone like a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 ) AND you want unlimited talk and text plus 4G data, no one can touch Yatango. Simply put, Yatango have the best unlimited pricing for plans with 4G data in Australia.

Speed Test

Using the best result I was able to achieve was 2.59Mbps download and 0.38Mbps upload (this was at 9.19pm on a Friday night). However as I have stated with other data speed tests I have done, I find them very inconsistent at the best of times and I can only recommend that you try a sim for yourself at home and where you regularly use your phone like work or school. This will give you a better indication regarding speed.


  • Free trial with loads of credit.
  • Build your own plan is long overdue. Feedback from Yatango is that you can adjust your spend and what you spend your allowance on each month based on what you need. So it is very flexible.
  • Online Access Portal is really easy to use and updates are live.
  • Activation process is very, very simple.


If you like communicating via the Internet using Facebook, What’s app, Twitter etc rather than good old fashioned talk and text then designing a Yatango plan with a huge bucket of data might be right for you. However, if you like a few phones calls and some texts every day as well then you should stick with another provider as their rates will be better value.

>> Click Here to Visit Website


About The Company: is one of the largest Australian online department stores, they’re 100% Australian owned and operated. By shopping with them, you can save anywhere from 30%-80% off retail price. They sell a wide range of products from clothing, home and appliances, baby and toys to electronics.

Customer Feedback:

From Mark,

“I love crazy sales, the site has everything I need, I’ve been a member of their site for years and I’ve got some fantastic bargains from them. I’ve bought everything from laptop bags to memory cards to USB sticks. The site is very easy to use and for each purchase you can earn crazy points which you can use later down the track.”

From Tony,

“They sell products really in cheap price. Also, provide fast delivery. The quality is not too bad in that range of price.”

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About The Company: has been in the business since 2006. They started online on September 12, 2010. They are one of the best wholesaler and best dropshipper we have in China. They are classified as the leader in selling high quality consumer goods. Miniinthebox offers the cool gadgets at the cheapest price possible. This is a one stop online store that supplies thousand of dependable and high quality gadgets, electronic items, gifts and many more. Aside from the exceptional low prices, they offer free shipping worldwide.

Customer Feedback:
From Broad,
“It’s exactly what I was looking for, I love it! Delivered in only four days. Shipping was affordable and delivery was very fast. Came home to the perfect gift! Many more orders to come!! Very, very happy!!”
From Hamza,
A great product to buy. Fits perfectly. Good price. Nice colors. Also free shipping is a great deal.
From Mary,
The shipping time is a little ridiculous, but that’s how it must be with free shipping items. You just have to remember to order it in advance. The product I love, so overall it is a good site and I have recommended it to people already

>> Click Here to Visit Website


About the Company:

LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2007, LightInTheBox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices. LightInTheBox offers products in the three core categories of apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden.

Customers Feedbacks:

From Bakhita,

Nice site really I try many shopping site but I don’t find like the services and the quality is perfect also they have quick shipping free.

From Paula,

“What can I say, great prices, good quality and reasonably quick delivery with no complication. HIGHLY Recommended.”

From Juieta,

It looks exactly the same as in the picture from the manufacturer. High-quality tailoring. It is quite warm for the off-season. The Russian ordered size 44 – size L. Everything just right, there is little margin for warm clothes and a bit of room for growth. So that the teenager is enough for no one season. Very pleased with purchase. Went a little over a week, and this with free shipping. Gr8!”

From Rebecca,

I’m more or less always happy with the products I resive and the quality is good. The prices and service are great. And the products arrive in time.

>> Click Here to Visit LightInTheBox Website


Roomorama was founded in 2009, and is originally based out of Singapore with new headquarters in New York city. And over the past few years, they have successfully grown to over 60,000 properties, in over 4,000 locations across the world!

Already generating some 1.5M visitors a month only 5 years after it’s launch (according to, Roomorama is now one of the fastest growing vacation rental websites in the world.

It is a “peer-to-peer” short term rental service where people who have a room for rent are matched with those looking accommodation. One can look at what is available and book online, or one can put out a shoutout for hosts to find you.

Our review results:

  • Search process for a cute and affordable place was fairly easy.
  • Good website design: very clean and bright
  • Good filtering system to refine results
  • Tight on time? You can do a ‘shout-out’ to any apartments available for a certain city

Customer Feedback:

From Nancy,

I booked an apartment for my trip to London in January and I don’t have any complaints. I was hesitant at first since I had never booked an apartment rental before but everything went smoothly. Seamless booking through the site, the apt was lovely and in a great part of Covenant Garden. I recommended the loft to my brother and he’ll be staying there for his next trip in April.

Listing your property

Though the property listing pages are fairly simple when compared to other websites, the hosts can take advantage of some extra options.

The first choice is the option to create a listing with instant booking, where the host has 48 hours to respond. In this case, the guest prepays, but will be fully refunded if the host declines.

The second option is to create a listing without the instant booking feature, where the guest and host communicate before any bookings are made. As a host, you can choose whether or not to offer the listing at all.

In either case, the host has the final say, and chooses who will actually be staying at their accommodation.

100% free to list!

Hosts keep 100% of the money from their booking, making Roomorama a great choice for people with room to spare. You can list your properties for free as well, and benefit from social media services as well as the review system in order to promote their properties.

Anything from rooms, to homes, to villas can be rented out, though the site does seem to cater to both business class and thrifty travellers.

>> Click Here to Visit Website has been operating online since 1994. They provide up-to-date guide destinations by other travelers.

They have thousands of hotels listed on the website located all over Asia and beyond. Key destinations include Thailand, India, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Cambodia and Hong Kong. They also have great deals and availability across the UK and Europe offering you the best possible rates and guaranteed secure reservations.

Customer Feedback:

From Abdullah:

Easy to book hotels through AsianRooms.Com but I have never experience the situation at the site. Solely based on my trust to the website.Easy booking process but the output of the bookings is a bit confusing e.g.
“Standard Double Room sleeps 2. Room only. Non Smoking requested. 1 Adult.” ……… why the phrase ” 1 Adult ” comes out whereas my booking is for double occupancy.

From Pauline:

If you’re looking for best prices in accommodation, an easy site to navigate go straight to Asiarooms now.

From Timothy:

Years back I used Asiarooms quite a lot but got frustrated by having to wait 48 hours (often longer) to confirm my bookings. This has all changed now, and with the new-look customer service and the contact options, especially the chat facility, they are once again taking on the competition. I also have to thank them for a rapid and effective response to my request for an amendment to my latest booking in Manila.

From Parmaning:

AsiaRooms offered the best rate as compared to other sites, and when I made the booking online I was recommended to contact the customer service, which I did. I called the number given and within seconds I was served by a customer service officer who was very polite and helpful. The reason I couldn’t make the booking online was because there were 2 nights of the many nights I booked which were not available. Not only the customer service officer managed to get those 2 nights from the hotel, he also made an effort to ensure I get the same rate for those 2 nights with the special offered rate. All in all I am very satisfied with the service.

From Diane:

This is the first time I used AsiaRooms online hotel booking, and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the service. AsiaRooms offer the best rate amongst all the other website for the same hotel / room. And it is very easy to use. I would definitely use this website again, and would highly recommend this to all my friends.

>> Click Here to Visit Website