Britax-Marathon-70As we learn that we are having a baby, we’d like what is perfect for it from the very beginning. We would like it to have a nutritious diet, provide it with every item it needs, and ensure that every little thing it has is safe.

One such item anyone with a child cannot go without is a child car seat. Child car seats make car trips more secure, and so are essentially something you will need when you are going with your child. There are hundreds of child car seats out there, a wide variety of brands and many cool features to pick from. If you’re searching for a child car seat that’s strongly recommended by other parents, is noted for a high level of safety, and gets the job done for you, you should definitely look into the Britax Marathon 70. For additional information on this child car seat, keep reading the Britax Marathon 70 review below.

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Britax was originally established in the UK in 1939. They launched their first child car seat, freeway design, in 1996. Right after that in 1997, they presented their first convertible child car seat referred to as the Roundabout; this model continues to be available even now.

Britax has been developing some of the most secure child car seats and these are getting increasingly popular every day. Their huge reputation is defined by the high standards of security features they consistently maintain. Though there are a lot more models besides the Britax Marathon 70, this really is the most significant one.

What are the kids age does the Britax Marathon 70 most suited for?

The Britax Marathon 70 is a convertible child car seat designed for kids up to 75 pounds in the forward-facing position and from 4 to 44 pounds in the rear-facing position. It features a height limit of 49 inches but because all kids are proportioned diversely, it’s feasible that the convertible can be outgrown just before that height limit is crossed.

Britax Marathon 70’s unique features:

  • The crotch straps that come on the Marathon 70 are sufficiently long, (about 9 inches), that take care of the issue from the previous, Marathon 65 design, that the crotch straps were at times too stifling.
  • It even offers 2 distinct slot positions to allow for your kid’s growth.
  • You’ll find three reclining positions, and similar to most convertible child car seats.
  • It also comes with its own set of rules: When the seat is forward facing the central and most vertical positions can be used and the most reclined position should be used while in the rear-facing position.
  • The body cushion gives your child extra padding and helps make the child car seat a much better fit for your little ones, and it can be effortlessly detached when your child grows big enough to require the additional cushion support.

Deciding on a child car seat can get somewhat challenging, however if you consider any of the child car seat from Britax, you can’t really fail. They’ve got all you and your little one need, and a variety of pretty colors and designs to pick from!

If you have decided to buy this car seat, remember to buy through here to get 20% discount and free shipping.

Britax Marathon 70 review:

One family remarks that they simply love the Britax Marathon 70!!! It’s easy to clean, uncomplicated to adjust, an easy task to transfer to other cars and the weight restriction is high enough that they can move into a booster seat. The straps come with padded covers so there is absolutely no cutting into their daughter’s neck. They’d buy again and definitely recommend it to their family and friends!

Another reviewer maintains that this car seat sets up conveniently and his daughter simply loves it. She is large for her age and is finally at ease traveling in the automobile. She is still less than 12 months, making it a little difficult to change the size whilst she’s in the car seat yet it is excellent!

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If you’re backpacking Europe on a budget then you’ll probably stay in hostels. Luckily, there are thousands in hostels throughout the continent but it’s not surprising that some are not great. That’s why I always use Hostelworld when I want to review and book hostels. Hostelworld is my favorite booking site because it is the largest booking site so it has a ton of reviews from past travelers.


  • 35,000 properties, 180 countries
  • 100% Booking Guarantee
  • Over 3.5 million Guest Reviews

Customer Reviews

Quote from

Use it many times. Very useful and user-friendly

Hostelworld is my favorite way to find places to stay while traveling. The only issues I’ve had is that Hostelworld charges a reservation fee, which is supposed to count toward your total price of accommodation, but rarely do the hostels I’ve booked with honor this, making the reservation fee a sort of hidden booking fee.

Every hostel i have booked I booked with hostelworld, it’s safe, it’s easy and i wouldnt use any other website. recommend to everyone

Hostelworld is a great partner for all travelers who like to plan trips and holidays on their own. It covers a huge number of different types of accommodation throughout the world. A very smart site concept allows you to find exactly what you want, keeps you protected as a customer and allows you to find out all the necessary details about your future accommodation via its customer review option. It is the ultimate help on every journey.

I recommend Hostelworld to anyone. They are efficient and pleasant. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Sydney and hope to return again in the near future.

Some photos posted online by users of hostelworld:


Based on the many positive reviews online, I definitely recommend hostelworld when you are going to travel on a budget. And also based on my own experience, you can’t go wrong with hostelworld.

>> CLICK HERE to Visit HostelWorld Website << is UK leading hotel booking site. There is a whole range of hotels with low prices.

Hotels not only from UK but all over the world include large in Europe regions.

Hotels ranges from low cost such as Bed and Breakfast to luxury 5-star hotels, spas and golf results.


  • 24/7 online booking
  • over the phone booking – 2pm-11pm GMT
  • you can  do late booking as well as booking in advance of 1 year ahead.

Customer Reviews

Quote from

Very popular booking agent over here. I’ve used them on several occasions and never had a problem

Used them only a couple of weeks ago and got a cracking deal on the Millennium at Chelsea Football Club. Smooth website experience, no hassles on check-in, all good really..

I’ve used them often and whenever I’ve had a query and had to call them they were really helpful.

I have used them many times and for hotels in 3 different countries. Only thing I would add is call the hotel a couple of days after you book and confirm your reservation. You pay the hotel when you leave as normal.

Quote from

Definately a service Iwould use again and again no nonesense straightfoward

A very easy to use website that is full of all the information you will require, and unbeatable prices also.

Excellent hosts, wonderful accommodation, superb breakfast, just what we needed after a long days walk

I have used Late Rooms on many occasions & on every one of them been completely satisfied with the service & rates given. On many occasions the hotels have been outstanding value for money.


If you looking for advance booking or late booking, you should definitely check out laterooms for their low prices and wide range of hotels worldwide.


 is a Dutch online booking portal, owned and operated by Priceline. It was established in 1996, and offers accommodation booking. It claims to deal with more than 550,000 room nights reservations per day,and in 2013 accounted for more than two thirds of Priceline’s revenue. It was acquired by Priceline in 2005. is available in more than 41 languages. now has over 400, 000 hotels worldwide.

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Customers Reviews

There are thousands of reviews online regarding their hotel reservation and usage of It is our aim to compile and summarize for you here so that you could make the best decision when making your hotel booking for your vacation.


T.A. (4/5 stars)

I have been using booking since last year for most of my traveling. But with what I had experienced today, I will no longer deal or recommend to anyone. I have reserved a hotel near JFK airport and based my request on JFK airport along with airport shuttle. After I made my booking I found out from the hotel that they do not provide shuttle to JFK. Furthermore, after making my cancelation I called Booking and the representative did not handle the complain properly for that I have escalated the issue to her advisor. Who needs such headache. From now on I will not deal with and I wish others will either be extra careful or not use it.

Jacques (4/5 stars)

We have been using for the past few years.Our experiences have always been conclusive especially this last trip.We have just came back from the Philippines and had booked 2 hotels in Puerto Princesa.Did the first part and then when we moved to the Microhotel ,I had made the mistake of booking it in MANILA.!
The hotel accommodated us last minute and I immediately called booking 24hrs number and they did all the leg work to cancel my reservation for that day in Manila and even got them to waive the cancellation charges!! Koodos for booking ,all our other reservations went smoothly .We will continue to use

Amy (5/5 stars)

I have used three times in the past year and have been completely satisfied each time! I have had no problems what so ever. I was slightly hesitant at first as i chose the option to pay on arrival at the hotel and felt really weird about the fact id apparently booked a room flown to get there and yet to pay. But time and time again its been a pleasure and its the only site i go to now to book my hotels or apartments.

Lez M. (4/5 stars)

I LOVE the book now and pay later feature! It is great because when you are planning for big vacations or small ‘staycations” you don’t want to pay the lump sum upfront. I only give it 4 stars because I haven’t completed my stay yet. But I have been to the hotel before and know I will like it. Just need to make sure my check-in is seemless and that I truly dont get charged before then.

Susie (5/5 stars)

I travel quite often and do not book through anyone but Love them and they will do what they can to assist you. Would recommend to anyone. I have made 6 bookings with them in the past 5 months and have been happy with each and every one. Thankyou.

RSharpe (5/5 stars)

>> Click here to read more users feedback and comments. <<

The Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using

1. All inclusive lists of hotels.
Where you would have to track down the information to compare prices on their individual websites or by calling the hotels directly, gives you a wide variety of rooms in the area you search for. This can save you some time and effort.

2. User friendly website.
Some of the drop down menus on Hotel websites can be a pain. They don’t always allow you to enter the amount of guests you want total for the rooms available. You have to sort this out later on most hotel reservation sites. displays the perks of each room without navigating you away from the list of rooms as well. This makes it easier to compare prices and amenities between rooms or hotels.

3. No Booking Fees
This one is a great perk. Unlike and other online reservation/travel sites, does not charge fees for their services to you the customer.

4. Book Now, Pay Later and Free Cancellation
Some of the rates you can get by booking early through hotel reservations online require that you pay upfront for the room and cannot back out. Which can really aggravating if plans change or you find a much better deal somewhere else.


Lowest rates, No payment in advance, Reservation is free, Cancellation is free.

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Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

Hotels Combined is not a hotel booking site it is a search engine, just like Google but it brings you results only from hotel booking sites and and the hotel’s sites.

Hotels Combined is a price comparison website that helps customers find the best deals on accommodation around the world. Unlike Expedia, Hotels Combined doesn’t look at flights or package holiday offers. At the moment, it specifically looks at the cost of accommodation and how you can get it cheaper.

How long did you used to spend comparing hotel prices online?

Perhaps like me you are used to comparing prices on several hotel booking sites. I would normally go straight to, then then then and once I had found a hotel that I liked I would check what Trip Advisor had to say about it. But that wasn’t all, what about all those other great hotel booking sites,, Yoahoo travel etc etc. And then don’t forget the actual hotel’s home website.
How long would all that take you? And presuming by the time you got through all that the room was still available!

Well now there is Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined does just that, it combines all the hotel booking sites into one list of hotel offers and you choose which offer you want to look into. Then you click on the icon and you go straight to the hotel booking site with the lowest price is offered!

How Does Hotels Combined Work?

Hotels Combined searches over 100 holiday websites including Expedia, and Laterooms to find the best offers. It then displays the room options, price, and website where you can get the deal.  You select the offer you like the look of and then you’ll be redirected to the appropriate webpage to continue with your booking.

This means that you could end up booking through a lesser known website. We always recommend that you do some research on the company before you book.  A few minutes reading reviews on Trustpilot and generally having a look about for some information can help you get a better understanding of the company and your rights.

Customers Reviews

Rustyphoe from Sydney

I’ve used this website several times to book hotels and found it to be fantastic – especially from a time saving point of view. I highly recommend this website.

There’s a huge number of hotels and destinations and in a couple of clicks, you can select the destination and accommodation that best suits you the best prices.

Elhay from Sydney

HotelsCombined is the best site to search hotels. With so many hotel booking sites out there, I don’t need to waste my time checking each one individually to find the lowest rate. I know I’m getting the best deal every time.
It’s pretty easy to find what I’m looking for with the filter options too from number of stars to price range.

I’ve booked all my hotels through this site since discovering it and I highly recommend it.

Louis Scaffil from CA

Fabulous, Fantastic and Fast HotelsCombined is so easy to use. It is also so connected with the Hotel Industry. You can book a hotel room virtually anywhere in the world. Simply type in the destination, the check in time, the check out time, the number of guests and the beds needed. It literally takes about 6 seconds and hey presto you have a list of the number of hotels in the city, the number of rooms available at the nearest airports, districts and landmarks!
What else could you possible ask for? Get this! You will see the discounted price for using HotelCombined. Now that is everything!

Tsimas Kosta from Athens

The best site to find hotels’ lowest prices worldwide.

Save money when you Book Hotels

If you think about it how many hotel booking sites do you check out when you are looking for a deal on a hotel? 1? 4? How ever many you manage to look at you can never manage to see all the hotel booking sites on line, but Hotels Combined can and does. Hotels combined scans ALL the hotel booking sites as well as the hotel home pages so that you will save money getting deals from sites you may not have gotten round to looking at.

Save yourself not only time but money and let Hotels Combined do the searching for you and get you the best deal!

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Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -


 Award-winning, natural gardening at Wiggly Wigglers

Wiggly Wigglers is an award-winning, natural gardening company based on Lower Blakemere Farm in Herefordshire. They supply everything that they need straight from their farm & in this instance, grow their own flowers which go into their bouquets.

The Wiggly Wigglers website is very informative giving you information about eco-living, growing your own vegetables & gardening tips as well as an online shop dedicated to those various topics and much more! The simplistic layout is easy on your eyes & very easy to navigation throughout. I love the fact that each section is extremely detailed giving you handy tips & also reviews from other customers on their purchasing experience. The reviews are a welcome addition as sometimes when you buy things online from stores you haven’t used before, you have no clue what the end product will look like & if it will actually live up to it’s description.

The bouquet we received was priced at £50 and comes with free weekday delivery and is great value for money compared to other florists and something that I would very happily received or give as a gift. Wiggly Wigglers has a great range of bouquets and flower arrangements for every occasion and to suit every budget.

Have a look at the huge range of products on offer from Wiggly Wigglers on their website, it’s cram packed with some lovely ideas for the keen gardener or domestic goddess – everything you need for the “Good Life”.

How to Order at offers you the fastest, easiest way to shop for products that suits your personal needs. All orders are delivered using next day service and Wiggly Wigglers delivers across the UK. There is FREE delivery for orders containing only live Birdfood, Fresh Flowers and/or Gift Vouchers. All other deliveries cost £3.95 per order no matter how big or bulky.

If you ever need anything help is always a phone call or email away. Do you prefer catalogue shopping? Simply fill out a quick order form on the site and Wiggly Wigglers will send you a catalogue in the post. Wiggly Wigglers will always strive to satisfy your delivery needs. If you need an item delivered overseas or to a special UK postcode the team is ready to help you and will provide all the information that you need over the phone.


At Wiggly Wigglers you get the highest quality products from a company with a proven track record. A company with strong unflinching values, one that will not waver in its commitment to quality. You get the best quality, service and value for money with every purchase. We would certainly recommend them to anyone wishing to send a bouquet with a difference to someone in their life!

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Wiggly Wigglers - the Good Life made easy....

Affordable vehicle breakdown cover from Start Rescue provides affordable rescue products to suit the needs of any motorist and budget. All cover levels are competitively priced, with excellent benefits and a user friendly policy wording. When is needed, regardless of the cover provided, there are no costly extras such as policy excesses.

The assistance and administration is provided on behalf of by Call Assist Ltd which, over the past 10 years, has been providing the same services on behalf of many insurance brands.The insurance policy is underwritten by Groupama Insurances which is part of the European financial services giant, Groupama. Both Call Assist Ltd and Groupama Insurance Company Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Real or Scam?

StartRescue has received a 100% trust score from

When checking we looked at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity and other sites relating to reviews, threats, phishing etc. Although a site like may have a high trust rating, it’s worth just checking the countries involved as these could indicate that goods would be shipped from abroad rather than your home country.

The internet is populated with many fake and scam sites – with many being created daily purely to look genuine. Even many review sites are tainted with fake reviews making it almost impossible for somedbody to detect a safe site from a scam. We attempt to analyse the website information and provide a trust guide that will help you determine the risk rating of.

Customers Reviews

Many online feedbacks are very positive too. You can check out the some of those reviews below:

Togi from

Have been with them for 2 years now and had to call them out 2/3 times. Last time was on Saturday 22nd February at 16.45. Stopped at Clackett Lane services, came back after 10 mins and couldn’t start car. Got straight through to the helpline. They ask alot of questions but I think they just need to make sure customer is genuine and that they know as much as possible before sending a recovery out. They use a network of independent recovery vehicles. Start Rescue put us on a priority list

Tom from

Response in less than 20 mins. I’ve been driving over 30 years, best experience I’ve had.

Taiwot from

“No complaints with this company and 10% renewal discount is an incentive to stay”

>> To gather more information, head over to the company website here.

Start Rescue - Click Here!

car finance in 3 easy step

Car loan 4u offer auto loans for cars to be purchased from any UK motor dealership, approved dealers by Car loan 4u or webcars4u. The representative APR can be offered from as low as 7.9%, but the applicants credit rating must be in very good order to qualify for this rate.

The way the system works is an applicant applies online or by phone, car loan 4u accept up to 90% of applications. Depending on an applicants credit circumstances, carloan4u will make an offer with a credit limit, loan details including the representative APR offered and terms offered. If the applicant accepts the terms of the offer, the applicant can choose a car from the options of auto car dealers mentioned above. The funds once a car has been chosen by the applicant will be transferred via bank transfer to the auto car dealer, once the funds have cleared the happy customer drives off in their car of choice.

Car loan 4u are regulated by the FSA and licensed by the office of fair trading under the consumer credit act 1974. Carloan4u is a licensed credit broker.

Registered office: Car loan 4u Ltd, Winterton house, Winterton way, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 0LP.

My personal opinion of this company is that there certainly must be a big market for this type of business and i’m sure Carloan4u are doing very well from a business point of view. The 7.9% APR offered is certainly not the best that can be offered in the personal loan market for good credit. Also if the applicant has a good credit rating to qualify for the 7.9% APR then whats the point using them so they can transfer the funds to a dealer, auto dealers will be very relunctant to drop prices when credit is involved and “cash is king”. If the applicants credit rating is poor then the applicant will be paying some high APR like 12 month loans offer and the credit limit will be small, so my opinion is why not borrow from a company that specializes in poor credit and purchase a cheap car from Ebay? makes more sense and “cash is king”.

From a positive point of view it could be very convenient to use Carloan4u as it cuts out alot of hassle if not in the mood for messing around.

This post is a basic review and should not be taken has financial advice. More research will be required before considering an Auto loan.

Customers Reviews

Let’s hear from real clients of CarLoan4U. I have compiled customers feedbacks from many online sites. There mix comments. Some with 5 stars and also a number of 1 star rating. Following are a summary of those reviews:


From the moment I completed the application i had fast, friendly, helpful service. I felt with Suzie from start to finish and can say I received a 5* service. I would recommend to everyone!!

W. Stallard

I chatted to Simon Reid He went through everything with me He explained it in lay-mans terms So easy to understand Nothing was too much trouble for him
One little form and an email to Car Loans 4 you to tell them what car i wanted and 72hrs later i was arranging with the car dealer to collect it. (it only took so long as it over a weekend )
The finance side was easy, even though i dont have the best credit rating, and i even got a good APR.
I will be using again in the future and i wouldnt hesitate to recommend Car Loans 4 You

Churinder Katoorah

The service is well above excellent. My personal advisor Suzie Gear has been very supportive and very helpful throughout the process of getting a car. I cannot express myself enough how happy I am for choosing car Loan 4 U, it does exactly what is said on the website. For anyone searching for a six stars service look no further just close your eye and when you open your eye you are in your new car cruising. Once again I thank you Suzie Gear and the entire team you are all one hell of a team. Thank You.

Carlyle Henry

First experience with Car Loan 4U well exceeded my expectations.
Fantastic well over 5* service made my life lot easier.
Anyone looking to buy a car, go to “CAR LOAN 4U” your dream will come true….


Based on our research, CarLoan4U is definitely worth checking out. You can get more details here.

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apply for car finance

The largest range of Graffiti supplies in the U.K at the lowest prices - Graffcity

Graff City stock the largest range of Graffiti supplies in the U.K at the lowest prices possible. They also provide worldwide shipping.

>> If you are in a hurry, you can check out Graff City website here

Real or fake?

Graff City obtain 100% trust score from When checking we looked at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity and other sites relating to reviews, threats, phishing etc. Although a site like may have a high trust rating, it’s worth just checking the countries involved as these could indicate that goods would be shipped from abroad rather than your home country.

The internet is populated with many fake and scam sites – with many being created daily purely to look genuine. Even many review sites are tainted with fake reviews making it almost impossible for somedbody to detect a safe site from a scam. We attempt to analyse the website information and provide a trust guide that will help you determine the risk rating of .

Customers Reviews

Furthermore, Graff City reviews on are all 5 stars. Below are summary of some of those reviews:

Laura Tony from Sydney:

These guys are amazing I have always had such an amazing experience, good prices fast delivery an always what is described :) :)

Charlie Dominic from Fallmouth:

was really happy with how fast it took Graff City to sort out a situation where i had ordered Molotow New Era cap and had been sent a standard Molotow one but they buzzed one to me promptly and as well as standard stickers in there, Alun at Graff city put a smile on my face because i found a pack of on the run Markers in the box with the replacement cap!! :)
Turned out that the new era one was too small for my big head so sent that back and had a numpty moment and forgot cover not in the box one email and that was sorted too with email updates from Graff City. In the end they sent me a replacement hat which was more expensive with no extra charge! I am one happy customer :)

Donna Young from York

Delivery with in 3 days, cost of shipping and product prices are great.!! All queries are all dealt with by polite friendly staff straight away with no fuss. The easy to use website and the choice of different spray paint companies under one site is great as I like to get a mixture of different style paints, plus the free extras are very useful, (especially the spare caps). I fully recommend Graff City to not only artists like me but those who wish to decorate there own furniture, toys, etc…. Brilliant!! Thank you Graff City

Ross from Colchester

Totally amazing service. i had a problem with my order, due to no fault of GRAFF-CITY. but it was totally resolved within 30 minutes, from a very friendly, helpful member of there team. was amazed at the speed in which it was dealt with, and the fact that i spoke to the same team member each email i sent. I am more than happy to recommend GRAFF-CITY as trustworthy, friendly and highly professional!.

Sara from Ulverston:

I placed an order for some paints last week, with not much time to spare and I just wanted to pass on my comments about the service I received from the guys at Graff City. I ordered online on Wednesday morning and the paints came through for Thursday .. . which was most excellent! Thanks so much for getting the paints out so swiftly, we needed them for a gallery opening . . that night!

So thanks once again to Graff City. I have sung their praises high and low, ace product, splendid customer service and impeccable delivery . . .the perfect package really. Well done!

Shipping Fees

If you have a big order of over $150, you can get free delivery.

Still in doubt whether you should order from Graff City, view the video below on a real Graff City delivery package and check it out for yourself:

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The largest range of Graffiti supplies in the U.K at the lowest prices - Graffcity

Customize It All

Zazzle is a Web site that makes it easy for you to sell custom products and merchandise through your blog. You can either upload your own designs to be printed on products like T-shirts, mugs, bags, and more, or you can sell items with designs from Zazzle or other Zazzle members. Since items are printed on demand (when people order them), you don’t have to worry about inventory management. You can even set up your own online store and fill it with the items you want to sell through Zazzle.

Positives of Zazzle

Zazzle is free to join and you can set up your own store to sell as many products as you want. You can upload your own designs, sell products with designs provided by Zazzle on them, or you can sell products with designs uploaded by other members on them. You can also make your own uploaded designs available through the Zazzle Marketplace for other members to sell. You set all of the pricing for your items, and you can earn volume discounts based on the products you sell each month. Zazzle members have some store customization options as well. Since Zazzle handles all customer service, production, shipping, returns, payment processing, and technology, you can focus on creating and selling products. Zazzle also provides useful tracking reports and offers helpful promotional tools.
Excellent variety of products, from greeting cards to t-shirts to customized postage stamps. Good delivery and prices. Not restricted to template designs. Can make a card from a blank slate.

Negatives of Zazzle

The product line offered through Zazzle is smaller than that offered through CafePress but larger than the Printfection product line. Store customization options are a bit limited, but Zazzle is working on advanced customization options, which are in beta mode now (meaning you can use them, but support is not available for those features). Additionally, as with most merchandising sites, the quality of the products offered through Zazzle is not the best.
Clunky online tools for designing and editing. Can’t send cards via postal mail to recipients (can only change “shipping” address). No undo button (only “revert to original”).

Customers Reviews

Janie from
You know how you can never find that perfect card or that perfect little “I’m thinking of you” gift when you need it? Well, you can find it on this website. I could spend a whole day just browsing but I know that I would buy just about everything on there. After I ordered, I decided to mail a couple things out for Valentine’s day which was just around the corner. I called Customer Service and they were just great. Changing my method of shipping would not make it happen unless they could rush it out the door, which they did allowing me to receive my order, package it up and get it to my friend by Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to find that kind of service today and I truly appreciate this website and all that they offer.
Jill Duffy from
Holidays and other gift-giving occasions, from birthdays to graduations, lead a lot of people to try designing custom-made greeting cards, calendars, picture books, and other goods, with photos of the family or just personalized messages. The quality of the finished product depends a lot on the service used to make the product. Zazzle has been helping consumers customize everything from t-shirts to greeting cards for more than ten years, so it’s not a new site or service by a long shot. It’s most similar to Cafe Press in what it offers.
Chad W. from
Regarding business cards: I found the online tools good and the selection of templates very good. I ordered a card with the extra thick stock paper. What I got was poor quality printing with poor color reproduction on a card that felt like three business cards stuck together. I could see the pixels from their printer and what should have been dark silver turned out as off-white. Not going with them again.
Kerry D. from
So, how many coffee cups does a teacher receive as gifts? A lot, I know! I am a teacher! But, as usual, I was scrambling at the last minute to find gifts for my four elementary age children to give to their own teachers when I found the “perfect” mug on Zazzle! (Keep Calm and Pretend It’s on the Lesson Plan) It was perfect! I understand that the teachers loved them so much that they showed every other teacher in the building! Thanks for the “perfect” gift!
Toni S. from
I found the item I needed at a better price than Amazon and I’ve shopped at Zazzle before and I’m a happy customer! Great price, great quality and hard to find products!! :)

Bottom Line

You can make your own products, from custom greeting cards and invitations to t-shirts, with Zazzle, but you may be challenged by Zazzle’s online tools. The image editing program doesn’t give experienced users enough to work with, yet isn’t simple enough for beginners, either. Zazzle’s good, but there are better tools at either end of the spectrum.
Zazzle is a great option if you’re disatisfied with the free version of CafePress or want to offer a wider selection of products than you can with Printfection. While CafePress remains the big player in the merchandising realm for bloggers, Zazzle is gaining popularity and may be worth testing.

>> Click Here to Visit <<

Following are the international Zazzle sites:


Office Furniture Online are the UK's #1 Office Furniture retailer on the internet. Office Furniture Online offer an unrivalled choice of office products, with a fast growing website that now exceeds 300,000 products. They offer great prices, free delivery, the best choice, and friendly service.

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We have compiled a long list of customers testimonials all over the web. Read them before making any decision to buy from Office Furniture Online UK. But we have to say we give our high recommendation in this online store as majority of the reviews are rank 4-5 stars.

Ordered and was delivered the next day as promised. Assembly was quick & easy as I had watched the video first which made all the difference. The chair itself is okay for the price & seems sturdy enough (only time will tell), as for comfort not bad but not the best I have tried. All in all good value.

By Dave

I was looking for a replacement chair as mine had worn out and i saw this one at office furniture. It was just what i had wanted when i bought the last one and i had iton the monday and i had only orderd it on the friday tea time. so how is that for service and delivery, Im sure you cant get it any quicker than that.

By Alan Anderson

Smart excellent product which suits my needs for a table that accommodates two large printers. Customer services gave precise measurements which meant that I knew exactly how to place the printers which meant that I didn't have the hassle of wondering whether the printer would fit on the bottom shelf.

By Geoff Starling

I ordered a glass desk and chair as I was short of space, product arrived and was of a really good quality. I've recommended friends to use this company as they are reasonably priced and delivery was quick as promised. All in all I would use again and I'm happy with everything that I purchased.

By Laura

easily put together ,fast delivery and quality product ! brilliant I can only recommend the product's and site for a great price and fast next day delivery ! .
Job done ! its a no brainer get it all here you won't be disappointed and as me you will be impressed ! my chair is brilliant !, thank you team you do a great job ! .

By Wayne Baldy

I'm a Facilities Manager for a local charity with 100+ staff and we buy almost all our furniture from Office Furniture Online and have done for over 2 years. We've doubled in size over that period and have bought a substantial quantity of furniture through them. With the exception of one early issue with a supplier, which they no longer work with, our experience has always been excellent. Their staff are friendly, courteous and always go the extra mile to help. From asking for advice on products, informing on delivery times and resolving any (rare) fault issues they have always been exemplary. They've never quibbled about replacement parts or warranties, the range of products is excellent, the quality good and next day delivery on many items. I would strongly recommend them as a supplier.


My first purchase and will not be my last. How many of you remember MFI self assembled poor quality furniture yet cheap. The difference here is quality. It really does seem to be the case here. The value for money is truly achieved with the short and simple assembly time contributed by the customer without compromising a good quality product.

By Anonymous

Overall a seamless experience and the furniture is very well made, durable and pleasant on the eye! Very easy to put together and is a plus for any home office environment. My only criticism is the packaging in which it arrived, as this was clearly inadequate for the heavy contents - especially the corner desk! Items were rattling around inside and when opened the desk top had badly damaged corners. Other pieces were also slightly marked but not so critical. However, the desk top was replaced without question and a replacement received the next day. Having mentioned the poor packaging, the replacement desk top was very well protected - just wonder why this wasn't the case with the original order?

By GaryHoe