Appliance combinations seem to be all the rage these days, and why not? If you can combine several into one, it’s cost-effective, saves on storage space, and streamlines kitchen duties. However, in order to be worth it, that all-in-one gizmo will need to function reasonably as well as the individual appliances to be replaced. With this caveat in mind, I set out to test the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 BL700 Series, the latest Euro-Pro version of its blender/food processor combination.

Product Specifications and Features

  • 1100-Watt, 1.5-hp motor
  • Extra-large (72-ounce) pitcher with blade and lid
  • 40-ounce processing bowl with blade and lid
  • Locking handles on both lids
  • Pulse button
  • Whisk attachment
  • Dough hook and dough paddle
  • Included cookbook
  • Weight (shipping): 11 pounds
  • Warranty: limited 2 years


Powerful Motor: Thanks to the 1500 watt motor, this is the strongest unit on the market. It provides two horsepower that blends all kinds of foods. However, the machine is also gentle enough to handle delicate foods. The standout feature of all Ninja blenders is the ability to crush ice. Standard blenders do not offer a fraction of the power that is necessary to deal with ice.

Non Slip Base: To make sure that the unit is safe and will not move during the blending process, the base contains a suction cup that locks into place. This will keep the appliance sturdy while working on the counter top.

Multiple Setting Options: The Ninja Kitchen System offers many different settings that end with professional blending results. This system crushes ice, mixes, chops, and dices fruits and vegetables, and forms dough.

Simple To Clean: There will be no need to spend a great deal of time cleaning up after using this machine. Most parts can be placed directly into the dishwasher.


• No chute or lid opening option for adding non-liquid ingredients – you must stop, remove lid, add ingredient, replace lid, and lock to continue. However, liquids may be added through the pouring spout.

• Blending fibrous greens and some fruits does not completely liquify the food. It is not a juicer that liquifies. It does do an admirable job of pureeing.

Customers Reviews

I love my Ninja 1100. I use it almost daily for one thing or another. Mostly Gazpacho these days. However, this machine is NOT A JUICER and should never be advertised as such, hence the four stars instead of five. It will NOT give you smooth carrot juice — ever. It says to cook the carrots a little first, but that defeats the purpose of juicing for the macro-nutrients — so. I have owned many many many blenders and the Ninja is the best yet — as long as you think of it as only a blender. It does everything that the infomercial says EXCEPT for juicing.

I LOVE the Ninja 110 System. I got mine from the manufacturer website at $159, so this is about the same price with all of the same accessories. It truly is worth the money. The blender blade has THREE blades on the large pitcher and two on the smaller pitcher. Both are still a heck of a lot more than on any food processor I own\owned! It does a fantastic job and, thanks to a turbo motor, it blends in seconds. Crushes ice like nobody’s business. I would recommend this to anyone. Will leave follow up feedback in six months. Right now, I am one happy camper. My husband and I juice veggies and fruits several times a day (HIGHLY recommend the Jack LaLanne Juicer for everyday use for juicing- ours is five years old and still works like it is brand new), so the Ninja 1100 adds extra blending power to both our juicing and my cooking, which I love to do. Lastly, it comes with a superb cookbook specifically with recipes for using in the Ninja. Five stars all the way.


I love cooking fresh food for my family but suffer time pressures like everyone else. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System juices, chops, grates, blends, mixes and more in just seconds, so now there’s no excuse not to cook healthy meals from scratch! A real bargain that is reliable, versatile and is backed up by hundreds of great reviews, 5 stars from me.

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Are you sick and tired of trying to find the right lid for the plastic container you just put your food in?  Have you read any of the Mr. Lid Reviews?  The answer to your plastic container woes is simple, it is Mr. Lid.

What Is Mr. Lid?

You know what Tupperware is? Great. You know what Mr. Lid is…with one caveat: the Mr. Lid sets keep their Lids attached to the containers. Now, you know that much already or you wouldn’t be reading this so the other stuff we’ll confirm is according to the networks above us, the Mr. Lid container is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, seals well and because the designs are so relatively uniform they are stackable.

With the product site web offer you’ll receive 6-32 oz. containers, 6-16 oz. containers, 6-8 oz. containers, 1-48 oz. deluxe container & 1 condiment container.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to, claims the following features and benefits:

  • microwave & diswasher safe
  • BPA free
  • commercial kitchen quality
  • patented attached lid design
  • stays sealed

Customers Reviews:

Wonderful containers with attached lids
I had seen the TV ads for this product and was intrigued, but I preferred to go through Amazon whom I trust rather than an unknown vendor so I was happy to find these were indeed available on Amazon. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I must say we are delighted with them. Even though they have lids they stack very well together and save space.

I use to have a huge, horrid collection of containers and lids. Rarely could I find a matched pair and never quickly. I LOVE Mr. Lid! It’s a beautiful thing to pick up a container and have the lid attached. I’ve put liquids in my Mr. Lid and they have not leaked. They really are dishwasher safe – no twisting and the seal still holds. I don’t use any type of plastic in the microwave so I can’t comment about that – except I’m pretty sure my son has put them in the microwave with no ill effect. Mr. Lids are now holiday gifts – I’m even breaking my “Only get it if it’s shipped on Prime” rule. To me, Mr. Lid is worth it.

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