TomTom Multisport Watch

TomTom does far more with its satellite navigation technology than putting it in cars. Its range of sports watches squeezes the GPS receiver onto your wrist to let you monitor your exercise and plot training routes. The Multi-Sport reviewed here is a four-in-one watch designed to track multiple activities, not just running, so could be ideal if you like to vary your exercise.

There are two different units available from TomTom: The Runner and the Multisport. The Runner is targeted at, well, runners. Whereas the Multisport is aimed at those who swim/bike/run.

The Multi-sport is actually made up of two parts; a rubber strap and detachable watch face. This makes it easy to swap out the design for a brighter (or more subtle) colour, as well as wipe down the strap if it gets sweaty. The strap is very comfortable, latching firmly in place whatever your wrist size thanks to twelve sensibly spaced holes, and the watch itself is fairly compact.

TomTom’s “One-button” control sits just below the watch face, although it’s actually a four-way directional pad rather than a single button. It makes navigating through the menus incredibly simple; Up and down scroll through menus, right selects an option and left returns you to the previous screen. There’s also a touch-sensitive strip on the watch face that activates the backlight, so you can clearly see the screen when out at night.

TomTom has at been proactive with user complaints and issues; we received several firmware updates over the course of reviewing the Multi-Sport, with each one improving or adding new features.

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