If  you ask me what is one of the best child car seat we have tested and used before, I have to say is Britax Marathon 70.

In order to show you what others are commenting about this car seat, as well as how you can install it. I am putting up this short post just to share with you a video that I have found very useful.

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The Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL child car seat is easily the best choice for a secure child car seat. This convertible child car seat comes equipped with an advanced latch system tested thoroughly by New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) and holds safely about 84lbs without using a car seatbelt. Since safety factors are a high priority to Sunshine Kids, the Radian not just complies with and surpasses United States mandatory specifications, but has been specifically subjected to the more demanding NCAP standard testing that simulates more serious accidents.

This child car seat may be used to allow for little ones 4-46lbs rear facing and 22-84lbs forward facing. This really is among the few child car seats which will grow with your kid from infancy to childhood.

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The Sunshine seat has it all! This baby car seat is really among the finest child car seats out there for a number of good reasons. First of all, this car seat is thin. Whilst larger seats have their own advantages, there’s certainly a lot to be mentioned about narrow child car seats. The Radian XT is built to easily fit into just about any car, including the smallest of all.

In case you currently have a thicker child car seat, this seat offers the perfect second child car seat. It is actually feasible to fit 3 car seats across in a few cars!  Most significantly, the low profile enables easy accessibility and exit of the seat meaning you can buckle up effortlessly. Furthermore, the narrow profile can help you carry this car seat on an airplane in case you have to since it is FAA accredited.

Whilst this car seat is undoubtedly less wide, it doesn’t sacrifice quality or comfort. You’ll find polyurethane foam all over the seat providing ease and comfort for your little ones. We appreciate the fact that the Radian XTSL was specially built to offer 3 additional inches of shoulder room than the usual child car seat. This extra room is perfect for both your kid and your budget as you needn’t buy another seat.

Moreover, additional inserts are incorporated for smaller, younger children to offer additional safety and comfort. The seat ought to be in the rear facing position if your kid is between 6 and 44 lbs, and forward facing if your kid is up to 82 lbs. You read it right! Sunshine Kids claims that their child car seat provides the greatest volume among any child car seats out there. Needless to say as with other child car seats their straps are flexible.

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Below are a few of the advantages you will enjoy when selecting Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL:

  • Metallic Alloy Body and Aluminum Strengthened Sides – This really is among the few child car seats which are manufactured with a metallic alloy framework for top-quality strength and safety. The aluminum strengthened sides work with the energy ingesting foam to shield your baby’s head and the entire body, providing your baby the top safety that it needs.
  • Super Latch Technique – Contrary to other latch models which have restricted weight capabilities of 38-46lbs, the Super Latch Technique is built to support 82lbs.
  • Easy-Tite Adjuster – Allows you to tighten up the harness for extra safety and comfort. It really sets up in just a couple of minutes.

Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL Reviews:

One family remarks that this baby car seat has surpassed their expectations in most ways. They are a small family within a strict budget, but they would purchase this car seat again for its incredible safety and user friendly set up. They feel that it is really worth the extra cash for a wonderful, user friendly and secure product which they will use for years to come.

Another parent found the Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL child car seat to be extremely safe, long lasting and well-built for little ones age 1 and older. He loved the first one for his son so much that he bought a second one for his little sister. The seats are somewhat hefty for transferring them from one car to another however they are super easy to set up and can be modified to install in a range of seats.

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The Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat defines highest quality head safety with the unique combination of built-in steel bars, BRITAX SafeCell Engineering, and also a Versa-Tether, that come together to reduce head excursion and minimize the danger of any injury to head in case of a frontal impact.

The Britax Boulevard 70 additionally features quick assembly, Real Side Impact Safety, and modern information for your kid’s safety and comfort. This convertible car seat suits kids in the forward-facing position from 22 to 72 lbs, and kids in the forward-facing position from 06 to 42 lbs.

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The Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat is equipped with systems that really work to reduce any injury to your kid in case of a collision from just about any direction, which includes both front and side impact collisions – the most common kinds of collisions. These systems band together along with other functions of the child car seat to reduce any injury to your kid in case of a collision by:

  • Keeping your kid inside the automobile
  • Transferring collision forces away from your kid
  • Reducing any movements of your kid
  • Protecting your kid’s brain and spine

Britax Boulevard 70’s features:

  1. Regardless of whether kids are seeing the world pass by or cuddling in for a snooze, they will take pleasure in the fact that this convertible seat reclines both in the onward and back positions.
  2. And due to other functions, that include high-density convenience foam and a luxurious covering set with complementing tummy cushion, they will always experience style and luxury.
  3. Besides, this child car seat features a 72-pound weight volume, 2 clasp positions, as well as a hassle-free 6-point harness with 12 harness height adjustments offering a comfortable and safe ride for your kid.

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Britax Boulevard 70 is loaded with a variety of benefits too:

  • This car sear helps you protect your kid in the right position without any kind of uncertainty.
  • High quality lower latch fittings result in an instant, easy, and tight assembly whilst the push-button lets you effortlessly remove the fittings.
  • Easy-to-access integrated lock-offs help you set up this convertible car seat easily with your car’s shoulder and lap belt.
  • The quick-adjust harness technique and clasp help you adjust the harness level without taking apart the harness connectors.
  • Furthermore, an anti-slip contoured base protects and grips the car seat, promising a strong assembly in all kinds of vehicles.
  • Handy holders and cases hold the harness straps when you are placing your kid in the seat.
  • The luxurious cover set with complementing cushions can be removed effortlessly for cleaning without needing you to take apart or remove the convertible car seat.

Britax Boulevard 70 Reviews:

The reviews of this modern child car seat have been all very positive. Most testimonials establish that this car seat is very high on performance and is a complete worth for your money.

One father asserts that he found the car seat just perfect for his little one. In fact his baby boy completely enjoys this seat. Isn’t it just too comfortable for him!

Another parent says that now with the Britax Boulevard 70, he can be completely focused on his driving and the road traffic. He is so pleased with the child car seat because now he knows that his child is safe and secure, and can in fact enjoy a more comfortable car trip than anyone else.

Reviews above are summarized. To read the detail reviews and more customers testimonials, check them out here.

Britax-Frontier-85Presenting a cutting-edge design and style, and industry-leading engineering, the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Seat helps to keep your kid secure and safe while travelling in your car. Providing exclusive energy-absorbing Versa-Tether and Real Side Impact Safety, this child car seat is designed to grow as your child grows from infancy to childhood.

Britax Frontier 85 best suited for how many months old baby?

The Frontier 85 Combination Booster Seat is perfect for parents focused on offering proper protection and also posture-support for their little ones during car trips. Providing Real Side Impact Safety, this child car seat offers top-quality safety in case you face a sudden side-impact collision.

The Frontier 85 holds kids starting from 18 months old and 22 lbs up to 85 lbs when utilized as a forward-facing functional seat, and 38 to 122 lbs when used like a booster-style seat.

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Safety Features of this Baby Car Seat:

  • The Frontier 85 comes equipped with a sophisticated, industry-leading style and design for collision force compression and management.
  • The trademarked Versa-Tether technique offers a staged-release tether webbing which firmly anchor bolts  the top portion of the car seat to your car at 2 distinct points to drastically reduce frontward movement in case of an abrupt stop.
  • The energy-absorbing system acts like a strong buffer and is built to take in forces, whilst the memory foam lining delivers extra support.
  • Additionally, the Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS) lowers frontward head movement while offering higher security for your kid.

The benefits of Britax Frontier 85:

Support for kids’ growth – The hassle-free, 5-point harness makes for 12 different harness-height positions- to a maximum of  22 inches in shoulder harness length (the highest in the industry)-and 3 different buckle positions for a comfortable and safe fit, even while your kids grows. Additionally you can modify the head constraint with your hand utilizing the automatic lever and simply customizing the harness shoulder length without taking apart the whole harness. Furthermore, the front harness adjuster lets you tighten or loosen the harness system effortlessly.

Easy assembling – The Frontier 85 enables easy, quick assembly by using lower latch fittings, appropriate for most present-day automobiles. The advanced, push-button technique offers a tight, safe fit and allows you to set up or take off the seat easily. Your kid will enjoy the armrests that offer an adequate place to rest his / her hands combined with the twin cup cases made to carry recyclable bottles or foodstuff containers.

High quality material – The luxurious, high quality cover set with extremely comfortable memory foam results in a cozy ride, even while in long car outings. Constructed from soft, long-lasting materials, the booster-style seat’s cover is simple to take out from the shell to clean and comes in a wide variety of different patterns, such as Canyon, Red Rock, Canyon, Pink Sky and Rushmore.

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Britax Frontier 85 reviews:

One parent says that the seat is great and roomy but nonetheless fits well in his 2002 Volkswagen sedan. His boy loves it because it kind of lifts him up and he can see out through the car windows. The car seat color is extremely superb and the material is comfortable and soft.

Another customer is completely pleased with his purchase. He maintains that the Frontier 85 is an excellent seat when it comes to safety and construction quality. Really worth the money!

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Britax-Marathon-70As we learn that we are having a baby, we’d like what is perfect for it from the very beginning. We would like it to have a nutritious diet, provide it with every item it needs, and ensure that every little thing it has is safe.

One such item anyone with a child cannot go without is a child car seat. Child car seats make car trips more secure, and so are essentially something you will need when you are going with your child. There are hundreds of child car seats out there, a wide variety of brands and many cool features to pick from. If you’re searching for a child car seat that’s strongly recommended by other parents, is noted for a high level of safety, and gets the job done for you, you should definitely look into the Britax Marathon 70. For additional information on this child car seat, keep reading the Britax Marathon 70 review below.

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Britax was originally established in the UK in 1939. They launched their first child car seat, freeway design, in 1996. Right after that in 1997, they presented their first convertible child car seat referred to as the Roundabout; this model continues to be available even now.

Britax has been developing some of the most secure child car seats and these are getting increasingly popular every day. Their huge reputation is defined by the high standards of security features they consistently maintain. Though there are a lot more models besides the Britax Marathon 70, this really is the most significant one.

What are the kids age does the Britax Marathon 70 most suited for?

The Britax Marathon 70 is a convertible child car seat designed for kids up to 75 pounds in the forward-facing position and from 4 to 44 pounds in the rear-facing position. It features a height limit of 49 inches but because all kids are proportioned diversely, it’s feasible that the convertible can be outgrown just before that height limit is crossed.

Britax Marathon 70’s unique features:

  • The crotch straps that come on the Marathon 70 are sufficiently long, (about 9 inches), that take care of the issue from the previous, Marathon 65 design, that the crotch straps were at times too stifling.
  • It even offers 2 distinct slot positions to allow for your kid’s growth.
  • You’ll find three reclining positions, and similar to most convertible child car seats.
  • It also comes with its own set of rules: When the seat is forward facing the central and most vertical positions can be used and the most reclined position should be used while in the rear-facing position.
  • The body cushion gives your child extra padding and helps make the child car seat a much better fit for your little ones, and it can be effortlessly detached when your child grows big enough to require the additional cushion support.

Deciding on a child car seat can get somewhat challenging, however if you consider any of the child car seat from Britax, you can’t really fail. They’ve got all you and your little one need, and a variety of pretty colors and designs to pick from!

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Britax Marathon 70 review:

One family remarks that they simply love the Britax Marathon 70!!! It’s easy to clean, uncomplicated to adjust, an easy task to transfer to other cars and the weight restriction is high enough that they can move into a booster seat. The straps come with padded covers so there is absolutely no cutting into their daughter’s neck. They’d buy again and definitely recommend it to their family and friends!

Another reviewer maintains that this car seat sets up conveniently and his daughter simply loves it. She is large for her age and is finally at ease traveling in the automobile. She is still less than 12 months, making it a little difficult to change the size whilst she’s in the car seat yet it is excellent!

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Recaro Young SportParents today realize that the child car seat is a basic necessity and perhaps the most essential accessory of their car when they are going out with their infants. Child car seats are built to lower the likelihood of injuries and death of child in automobile accidents. The fact is having a child seat set up in the vehicle is a mandatory law in the United States to ensure the basic safety of infants while traveling. Based on a recent study, the child car seat significantly decreases about 75% of the chances of injuries once it is properly installed.

The modern Recaro Young Sport offers your child the latest type of 5-point harness system which ensures “growing” protection for age bracket I (approximately 6 months to 3 years). Since the back-rest is fine-tuned to size, the harnesses are shifted to the appropriate position automatically, thus providing your kids highest safety. As your kid grows, just take away the harnesses. Your kid will then be properly secured by the automobile’s 3-point harness system.

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These days, there are several stores which sell the child car seats as they are in great demand. So if you’re out there for a new child car seat, you will need to be prudent while making your decision. Do all the homework so you know exactly what is perfectly designed for your child. The primary reason of buying a child car seat is your child’s safety and comfort. With all the modern options that come with child seats like Recaro Young Sport, you’re certain that you’ll be offering both comfort and security to your child.

The benefits of Recaro Young Sport

Many parents were quite impressed when they learned they can make use of this Recaro Young Sport for incredibly longer period of time. Due to this fact, this car seat can be used as your child grows meaning you won’t have to buy another, unless of course your child has outgrown his child seat.

When compared with other child seats, Recaro Young Sport is costlier. However this isn’t a concern as you are getting the most from child seat, it is equipped with a 5 – point harness technique that can fit to the most secure position automatically. In addition to that, this child seat features a special latch system which makes the realignment so easy.

Best place to buy Recora Young Sport

Would you like to buy a child car seat such as Recaro Young Sport? You’ll find them with stores; if you would like to have some saving, it is advisable to buy on-line. Different internet vendors like Amazon are offering lower price and free delivery for this item.

Once you’ve the Recaro Young Sport set up in your vehicle, you’re positive that you’re offering comfortable and safety rides for your little travelers. To conclude, Recaro Young Sport is built to offer safety to your child. With this, it’s easy to direct your attention to the roads, with the knowledge that you’ve something providing a complete safety for your child.

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Recaro Young Sport Review – Let’s find out from the parents:

This child car seat received some really encouraging reviews, comments and ratings from people who bought and used this car accessory. Besides, the online reviews too have been really positive.

The first reviewer remarks that after the very first use, he found this to be completely reliable, and as much comfort as safety for his three year old daughter.

Another reviewer who has a 2 year old baby boy and a 4 year old daughter is happy that with this convertible child car seat he can adjust the shoulder height accordingly for his son and daughter. His partner too is happy with this system. In fact they are buying one more Recaro Young Sport car seat next month and would recommend it strongly to their friends.

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