Britax Boulevard 70 – Another BEST Deal!


The Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat defines highest quality head safety with the unique combination of built-in steel bars, BRITAX SafeCell Engineering, and also a Versa-Tether, that come together to reduce head excursion and minimize the danger of any injury to head in case of a frontal impact.

The Britax Boulevard 70 additionally features quick assembly, Real Side Impact Safety, and modern information for your kid’s safety and comfort. This convertible car seat suits kids in the forward-facing position from 22 to 72 lbs, and kids in the forward-facing position from 06 to 42 lbs.

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The Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat is equipped with systems that really work to reduce any injury to your kid in case of a collision from just about any direction, which includes both front and side impact collisions – the most common kinds of collisions. These systems band together along with other functions of the child car seat to reduce any injury to your kid in case of a collision by:

  • Keeping your kid inside the automobile
  • Transferring collision forces away from your kid
  • Reducing any movements of your kid
  • Protecting your kid’s brain and spine

Britax Boulevard 70’s features:

  1. Regardless of whether kids are seeing the world pass by or cuddling in for a snooze, they will take pleasure in the fact that this convertible seat reclines both in the onward and back positions.
  2. And due to other functions, that include high-density convenience foam and a luxurious covering set with complementing tummy cushion, they will always experience style and luxury.
  3. Besides, this child car seat features a 72-pound weight volume, 2 clasp positions, as well as a hassle-free 6-point harness with 12 harness height adjustments offering a comfortable and safe ride for your kid.

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Britax Boulevard 70 is loaded with a variety of benefits too:

  • This car sear helps you protect your kid in the right position without any kind of uncertainty.
  • High quality lower latch fittings result in an instant, easy, and tight assembly whilst the push-button lets you effortlessly remove the fittings.
  • Easy-to-access integrated lock-offs help you set up this convertible car seat easily with your car’s shoulder and lap belt.
  • The quick-adjust harness technique and clasp help you adjust the harness level without taking apart the harness connectors.
  • Furthermore, an anti-slip contoured base protects and grips the car seat, promising a strong assembly in all kinds of vehicles.
  • Handy holders and cases hold the harness straps when you are placing your kid in the seat.
  • The luxurious cover set with complementing cushions can be removed effortlessly for cleaning without needing you to take apart or remove the convertible car seat.

Britax Boulevard 70 Reviews:

The reviews of this modern child car seat have been all very positive. Most testimonials establish that this car seat is very high on performance and is a complete worth for your money.

One father asserts that he found the car seat just perfect for his little one. In fact his baby boy completely enjoys this seat. Isn’t it just too comfortable for him!

Another parent says that now with the Britax Boulevard 70, he can be completely focused on his driving and the road traffic. He is so pleased with the child car seat because now he knows that his child is safe and secure, and can in fact enjoy a more comfortable car trip than anyone else.

Reviews above are summarized. To read the detail reviews and more customers testimonials, check them out here.

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