Have you ever wished you could get real answers from an expert without having to go through the hassle, time cost and stress of hiring them in a traditional sense?

Maybe you have a leak in your roof and think you could fix it yourself (and save a ton of money), but worry you actually need professional guidance (which usually costs a lot). Or, perhaps you are thinking of divorce and wish you could ask a lawyer a few questions before you commit — but worry you will have to pay thousands of dollars, and aren’t yet sure you like or trust the attorney.


JustAnswer is an online Question and Answer (Q&A) platform where anyone can ask questions about anything. They have a community of thousands of experts who are ready to answer your questions. However, you have to pay a certain amount to get help from experts. If your problem doesn’t get solved, you will get a full refund of the amount you paid.

While the website claims to have 11,990 verified experts available, the most common experts called upon include doctors, lawyers, immigration specialists, mechanics, veterinarians, electricians, plumbers, and computer experts.

JustAnswer also offers a seven-day free trial that lets you try out the service for a while without payment (which may be all you need if you have just one, nagging question).

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What about when you need to hire professional for any project you are working on? Thumbtack is your answer.

Thumbtack is an online service that matches customers with local professionals. Currently, Thumbtack lists 1,100 types of services in categories such as home, wellness, events, and lessons.

When you need to hire someone – a contractor, DJ, photographer, anyone – Thumbtack finds them for you, for free. No cold calling. No asking neighbors if they a know a guy. Thumbtack has thousands of local pros for your projects – home professionals, wedding vendors, tutors, teachers, trainers contractors, cleaning services, movers, dog walkers, home repair help.

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Mowers-online.co.uk is a family-run business with over 20 years of experience of selling, servicing, and repairing lawnmowers, mowers, garden tractors, lawn tractors, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, garden vacuums, garden shredders and all other types of garden machinery – whether for domestic or professional use. If you thinking of purchasing a lawn mower, tractor, or any other garden machinery product and would like help or advice, you certainly need to check out mowers-online.

Customers Reviews

I was struggling to find the charger for my hedge cutter – really pleased to be given the ref to order and get it within 2 days

Our mower arrived within 48 hour of ordering. We also got quick responses to our questions by email. When it arrived a small part had been damaged in transit. I reported it to Mowers Online and they dispatched a replacement part the same day. Strongly recommend!

ll in all being able to identify, choose, select and then order our new lawn mower from the web site could not have been easier or more straightforward. The new lawn mower arrived within three days and whilst we haven’t had a chance to use it, I can say that it was well wrapped, secure and in pristine condition when it was delivered.

One of the machines I use to mow the grass at my local church has seen better days and spares are not readily available locally. Problem sorted since I found mowers-online. Fast and efficient. Will continue to use. Highly recommended

Product was a good price & delivery very quick. Only problem was that wrong item had been sent. Error was rectified by Customer Services, though had to wait nearly another week, because of Bank Holidays, before correct part arrived.

Amazing service. Item ordered one day and arrives a couple of days later and at an really competitive price

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Drips on gutters, underneath sinks and other areas of the home can be very annoying. Aside from these annoyances, you will find that these annoyances can result to problems inside the house, undermining the overall value and quality of your property. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is well maintained and all possible drips and risks that are present around the house can be addressed. Therefore, it is necessary to use the best possible products. We have heard of putties and other forms of sealing products to protect our home from any drips and water damage but somehow, they can be very difficult to work with. Now, with Flex Seal, it is possible to create a protective sealing action with just a few good sprays of this wonderful sealing product.

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Flex Seal Features

FlexSeal is a brilliant sealing product in spray form. This unique product contains unique components that are capable of binding with the surface to ensure a solid puncture free surface that does not have the nasty marks from clay, putty or any other products that you might normally used to seal leaks and holes on gutters, sinks and other areas where water normally flows. This liquid rubber material solidifies and creates a perfect finish for the surface.

Who is it for?

For home owners who want a fast, clean and hassle free results, you can take advantage of this product to seal away all leaks and make your gutters and sinks functional again.

The Pros

  • What’s really good about the Flex Seal is that it comes in an easy to use spray can that you just aim and shoot to create precise, thin and effective sealing results. If you can operate a spray can, then you can definitely use this product and enjoy the incredible benefits that you can get from FlexSeal.
  • The liquid rubber material solidifies, bonding with the surface it contacts with, ensuring that the seal will definitely hold. It is perfect for sinks and gutters and it also works on different kinds of openings like cracks, holes and punctures on surfaces.

The Cons

  • The Flex Seal really works well but some Flex Seal reviews also note the distinct fumes and smell upon application of the product. It is advised to open your ventilation and open up your windows because the fumes can be overwhelming.

Flex Seal Reviews – What users are saying about it?


It seems like the product is able to live up to expectations as I saw it on TV. According to the instructions, this could cover at least 2 to 8 square feet. I think I might have reached only to 2 sq ft. It makes me wonder, though, how much product they used to float the boat since it seems to be working fine. I am yet to make a more thorough analysis since it only rained once since the first application.


The product worked but it might take a lot of the product to actually seal the leak. Nonetheless, it is good they had a free bottle included.

Where to get the product?

The best place to buy Flex Seal is from its own official site. You not only buy 1 and get 1 free, you can also get $10 off from another of their famous product – Slick Fix by entering the Promo Code FLEXSLICK.

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 Award-winning, natural gardening at Wiggly Wigglers

Wiggly Wigglers is an award-winning, natural gardening company based on Lower Blakemere Farm in Herefordshire. They supply everything that they need straight from their farm & in this instance, grow their own flowers which go into their bouquets.

The Wiggly Wigglers website is very informative giving you information about eco-living, growing your own vegetables & gardening tips as well as an online shop dedicated to those various topics and much more! The simplistic layout is easy on your eyes & very easy to navigation throughout. I love the fact that each section is extremely detailed giving you handy tips & also reviews from other customers on their purchasing experience. The reviews are a welcome addition as sometimes when you buy things online from stores you haven’t used before, you have no clue what the end product will look like & if it will actually live up to it’s description.

The bouquet we received was priced at £50 and comes with free weekday delivery and is great value for money compared to other florists and something that I would very happily received or give as a gift. Wiggly Wigglers has a great range of bouquets and flower arrangements for every occasion and to suit every budget.

Have a look at the huge range of products on offer from Wiggly Wigglers on their website, it’s cram packed with some lovely ideas for the keen gardener or domestic goddess – everything you need for the “Good Life”.

How to Order at Wigglywigglers.co.uk

Wigglywigglers.co.uk offers you the fastest, easiest way to shop for products that suits your personal needs. All orders are delivered using next day service and Wiggly Wigglers delivers across the UK. There is FREE delivery for orders containing only live Birdfood, Fresh Flowers and/or Gift Vouchers. All other deliveries cost £3.95 per order no matter how big or bulky.

If you ever need anything help is always a phone call or email away. Do you prefer catalogue shopping? Simply fill out a quick order form on the site and Wiggly Wigglers will send you a catalogue in the post. Wiggly Wigglers will always strive to satisfy your delivery needs. If you need an item delivered overseas or to a special UK postcode the team is ready to help you and will provide all the information that you need over the phone.


At Wiggly Wigglers you get the highest quality products from a company with a proven track record. A company with strong unflinching values, one that will not waver in its commitment to quality. You get the best quality, service and value for money with every purchase. We would certainly recommend them to anyone wishing to send a bouquet with a difference to someone in their life!

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Wiggly Wigglers - the Good Life made easy....