Flex Seal Review

Drips on gutters, underneath sinks and other areas of the home can be very annoying. Aside from these annoyances, you will find that these annoyances can result to problems inside the house, undermining the overall value and quality of your property. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is well maintained and all possible drips and risks that are present around the house can be addressed. Therefore, it is necessary to use the best possible products. We have heard of putties and other forms of sealing products to protect our home from any drips and water damage but somehow, they can be very difficult to work with. Now, with Flex Seal, it is possible to create a protective sealing action with just a few good sprays of this wonderful sealing product.

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Flex Seal Features

FlexSeal is a brilliant sealing product in spray form. This unique product contains unique components that are capable of binding with the surface to ensure a solid puncture free surface that does not have the nasty marks from clay, putty or any other products that you might normally used to seal leaks and holes on gutters, sinks and other areas where water normally flows. This liquid rubber material solidifies and creates a perfect finish for the surface.

Who is it for?

For home owners who want a fast, clean and hassle free results, you can take advantage of this product to seal away all leaks and make your gutters and sinks functional again.

The Pros

  • What’s really good about the Flex Seal is that it comes in an easy to use spray can that you just aim and shoot to create precise, thin and effective sealing results. If you can operate a spray can, then you can definitely use this product and enjoy the incredible benefits that you can get from FlexSeal.
  • The liquid rubber material solidifies, bonding with the surface it contacts with, ensuring that the seal will definitely hold. It is perfect for sinks and gutters and it also works on different kinds of openings like cracks, holes and punctures on surfaces.

The Cons

  • The Flex Seal really works well but some Flex Seal reviews also note the distinct fumes and smell upon application of the product. It is advised to open your ventilation and open up your windows because the fumes can be overwhelming.

Flex Seal Reviews – What users are saying about it?


It seems like the product is able to live up to expectations as I saw it on TV. According to the instructions, this could cover at least 2 to 8 square feet. I think I might have reached only to 2 sq ft. It makes me wonder, though, how much product they used to float the boat since it seems to be working fine. I am yet to make a more thorough analysis since it only rained once since the first application.


The product worked but it might take a lot of the product to actually seal the leak. Nonetheless, it is good they had a free bottle included.

Where to get the product?

The best place to buy Flex Seal is from its own official site. You not only buy 1 and get 1 free, you can also get $10 off from another of their famous product – Slick Fix by entering the Promo Code FLEXSLICK.

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