Night View Review

Do you struggle driving at night, in the rain, or during snowy or cloudy conditions? Having less than perfect vision can impair your ability to safely drive or operate a vehicle which can endanger your life! While glasses can help you see clearer they fail to help improve your vision during harsh weather conditions such as snow storms our foggy nights. Studies have shown that most glasses still provide you with a nighttime glare that can be hazardous for nighttime driving. Night View was created to help you see at night during the worst conditions by helping you see clearer regardless of the time of day!

How does it work?

Of course, to use Night View NV, you simply wear them like regular glasses. How they block out glare is by having yellow coated lenses, which block the “blue light” that is responsible for glare.

The Night View NV promotional video says they are good for driving, boating, hiking, skiing or while doing any activity where you might run into glare. The video also says they’re “stylish” and “virtually indestructible” while being good for any type of weather and protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. The video also makes a point of saying that similar glasses can sell for over $400, while Night View NV glasses sell for much less.

There are consumer reviews for this specific product online, but they are rare and mixed, as are the reviews for similar products.

The Claim
The makers of the Night View glasses say that they work to cut down on glare, allowing you to drive safely at night without compromising your vision or making things any darker. They say that it’s the yellow coating on these lenses that blocks the blue light waves that are responsible for all of that glare at night. You’ll be surprised just how many sources of glare there are. Of course from the headlights, but also brake lights, street lights, and even traffic signals. It’s all supposed to be reduced with these glasses.

The Hype
These have their own mini-infomercial that tries to show how they work, which adds some hype because you’re not quite sure if they way they’re being depicted is exactly how they’re going to work in real life when you get them home.

 The Cost

Night View glasses total out at $26 for two pair. The advertised price is $10 but that quickly jumps to $18 with shipping, and then they tack on the 2nd pair but charge shipping for it, which brings it to $26. In the event of a return you’d only get a $10 credit back on your card, so it’s a bit of a risk because $16 plus the cost of return shipping gets wasted. When you consider that each pair is $13 delivered to your door, it’s still such a competitive price that it’s worth taking a big of risk for a solution to night driving.

Pros and Cons

Like anything, Night View glasses have their pros and cons, but I really think they are worth using. They work great for us!


  • Yellow lenses block glare, making it easier to see both at night and during the daytime.
  • Classic aviator style frames are suitable for men and women, pair well with any look.
  • Lenses are coated with a UV protector, keeping your eyes safe from UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Super tough. I was surprised at how sturdy these glasses felt.
  • Lenses can handle all kinds of glare: Including glare from headlights, pavement, even snow!


  • These glasses only come in one frame style and color. I wish they had more styles.
  • Prescription lenses are not available.

Where to Buy?

Are you ready to feel safe again driving at night or in storms that impair your ability to see perfectly while driving? Stop wasting your money on glasses that promise similar effects but end up only lasting you a week before they break! By clicking on the deal below you can claim your pair of nighttime glasses and get a second pair FOR FREE.

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