Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL – An Engineering Marvel!


The Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL child car seat is easily the best choice for a secure child car seat. This convertible child car seat comes equipped with an advanced latch system tested thoroughly by New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) and holds safely about 84lbs without using a car seatbelt. Since safety factors are a high priority to Sunshine Kids, the Radian not just complies with and surpasses United States mandatory specifications, but has been specifically subjected to the more demanding NCAP standard testing that simulates more serious accidents.

This child car seat may be used to allow for little ones 4-46lbs rear facing and 22-84lbs forward facing. This really is among the few child car seats which will grow with your kid from infancy to childhood.

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The Sunshine seat has it all! This baby car seat is really among the finest child car seats out there for a number of good reasons. First of all, this car seat is thin. Whilst larger seats have their own advantages, there’s certainly a lot to be mentioned about narrow child car seats. The Radian XT is built to easily fit into just about any car, including the smallest of all.

In case you currently have a thicker child car seat, this seat offers the perfect second child car seat. It is actually feasible to fit 3 car seats across in a few cars!  Most significantly, the low profile enables easy accessibility and exit of the seat meaning you can buckle up effortlessly. Furthermore, the narrow profile can help you carry this car seat on an airplane in case you have to since it is FAA accredited.

Whilst this car seat is undoubtedly less wide, it doesn’t sacrifice quality or comfort. You’ll find polyurethane foam all over the seat providing ease and comfort for your little ones. We appreciate the fact that the Radian XTSL was specially built to offer 3 additional inches of shoulder room than the usual child car seat. This extra room is perfect for both your kid and your budget as you needn’t buy another seat.

Moreover, additional inserts are incorporated for smaller, younger children to offer additional safety and comfort. The seat ought to be in the rear facing position if your kid is between 6 and 44 lbs, and forward facing if your kid is up to 82 lbs. You read it right! Sunshine Kids claims that their child car seat provides the greatest volume among any child car seats out there. Needless to say as with other child car seats their straps are flexible.

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Below are a few of the advantages you will enjoy when selecting Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL:

  • Metallic Alloy Body and Aluminum Strengthened Sides – This really is among the few child car seats which are manufactured with a metallic alloy framework for top-quality strength and safety. The aluminum strengthened sides work with the energy ingesting foam to shield your baby’s head and the entire body, providing your baby the top safety that it needs.
  • Super Latch Technique – Contrary to other latch models which have restricted weight capabilities of 38-46lbs, the Super Latch Technique is built to support 82lbs.
  • Easy-Tite Adjuster – Allows you to tighten up the harness for extra safety and comfort. It really sets up in just a couple of minutes.

Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL Reviews:

One family remarks that this baby car seat has surpassed their expectations in most ways. They are a small family within a strict budget, but they would purchase this car seat again for its incredible safety and user friendly set up. They feel that it is really worth the extra cash for a wonderful, user friendly and secure product which they will use for years to come.

Another parent found the Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL child car seat to be extremely safe, long lasting and well-built for little ones age 1 and older. He loved the first one for his son so much that he bought a second one for his little sister. The seats are somewhat hefty for transferring them from one car to another however they are super easy to set up and can be modified to install in a range of seats.

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