RitzPix is a fast and easy digital printing service. They differ from traditional online photo processors by offering 1-hour photo printing. Instead of uploading photos to their web site then waiting for your prints to arrive a few days later in the mail, you can pick up your prints in a hour at one of their network of brick and mortar photo stores including Ritz Camera, Wolf Camera and many more. Their prices are competitive with most photo services and you save time and delivery fees.Due to their nature, photo gifts are not available for 1-hour service.

Ritzpix offers numerous different types of prints and gifts you can order online and have delivered direct to your door. These are all pretty good quality and, although not the cheapest around, are priced quite competitively. Also, if you live near one of the participating collection stores, you can order your photos online and pick them up within the hour. Combined with the live online chat support and, unusual for many websites, a phone help line this all adds up to a good level of service.


  • Basic service for sharing photos online an ordering prints
  • Quickly share photos with your friends and family
  • Order prints and pick them up within 1 hour at various U.S locations
  • Create good looking online photo albums
  • Free secure unlimited storage
  • Free downloadable tool for uploading all your photos
  • Automatically finds all of the photos on your computer and uploads them
  • Order prints in a variety of different sizes and formats
  • Wide range of personalized gifts on offer
  • Regular newsletter and special offers
  • Phone or online chat based support
  • Works with almost any device that can run a browser

Pricing and Shipping Cost

So how does RitzPix.com measure up against the competition in terms of the rates that they offer?  Here’s an example to give you an idea of the prices that they have. If you order 4×6 prepaid Digiprints which is processed for one hour, the price per photo is $0.18.  If you order 100 prints of this size, the cost for shipping would amount to $6.49 via standard US Mail and $18 for overnight delivery.

Customers Feedback

From Scott,

I’ve used many different printing services for my images, especially being a border-line amateur to pro photographer. The prints that I’ve received from RitzPix have been consistently good in quality. Back in the day when I was shooting film, there was a wide latitude for the print color and density of the final prints. But for my digital prints I prefer them to be printed as is, which RitzPix does a great job with.

I’ve used ShutterFly and other services, but they may offer low cost prints, but they get you in the shipping costs. At least with RitzPix, I get free shipping if my order is for $30 or more. Plus I can get 100 4×6 prints for as low as only 11¢ each. That’s a great price when I’ve got tons of prints to get done in a single shot.

Overall, it’s been a great experience in working with RitzPix. My orders are processed and shipped in a timely manner.


One of the best things about Ritzpix.com is that you can make use of the information on their site which is entitled “Digital Photography 101”. This is where you can learn how to take better photos.  As compared to other digital photo printing service providers, the rates offered by Ritzpix.com are a bit higher – but they make up for it in convenience when it comes to the delivery options that they offer. All in all, Ritz Camera is definitely a company that you can trust when it comes to delivering the best digital photo printing services.

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Now, are we happy to see the postman today! Here come our Canon 60D from BorrowLenses (all smiles).

When it comes to DSLR cameras, we highly recommend Canon. We have been wanting to setup a review section on cameras. Here an intro to start off this new section.

Canon 60D Review

Despite its name, the 60D is most definitely the Rebel T2i’s big brother, rather than the successor to the 50D. This is a completely different beast.

The most obvious differences are that it’s smaller than the 50D and is now made from a plastic shell, instead of a magnesium body. If you placed the Rebel T2i, the 60D, and the 7D side by side, you’d notice that the 60D is exactly halfway between the size of the other two models. The 60D is also Canon’s first DSLR camera to feature a flip-out LCD screen, allowing you to view shots from different angles. This is particularly useful in video mode, as it means you no longer have to hold the camera out at arm’s length.

It’s a bold step by Canon, but has it paid off?

  • Swiveling monitor
  • Excellent image quality
  • Great high ISO performance
  • Slow AF in video mode
  • Awkward mode dial
  • No continuous video AF

We’ve come to expect follow-on cameras to generally out-do the camera they’re replacing features-wise, and the 60D follows suit in most cases compared to the 50D. Sensor resolution is up and an HD video capability exists where none did before. The 3.0-inch LCD monitor is movable and viewfinder coverage is improved, albeit only 1% and only to 96% overall. A host of in-camera editing menus for both still and movie captures allow a lot of processing without resorting to a computer and external software.

In conclusion,

Canon seem to be trying to carve out a new niche with the 60D. It has some clever features, such as a pivoting LCD, in-camera editing and rating facilities, wireless flash control, and full HD movie capture. But getting the best results takes a little more effort than it should, which could be a problem, considering that Canon is now aiming this camera at enthusiastic amateurs.

At least its image quality is really good and, considering that the camera is now made with a plastic shell, it still feels robust and well put together. If Canon would just lower the price by $150 or so, then I’d say this was an ideal upgrade to those users with a Rebel camera.


A quick note on BorrowLenses, we must say this is the best place to get hold of different photography gears, especially when you are on the move or on vacation. Their service is superb and they are available in many cities for pick up and drop off. Best of all, the prices are reasonable.

And of course, besides the Canon 60D, BorrowLenses offers a wide range of equipment from Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus and Leica. There is photography, video, and lighting equipment available. You can rent whatever you need for a reasonable price. There is also used gear for sale. That is a great way to add to your arsenal, or even get your first DSLR without spending full price.