Amaysim Review

About Amaysim

Amaysim is an Australian company with affordable pricing for the telecommunications services they offer. They have been operating since the end of 2010. Almost all Australians buy their phone service from one of the top 4 phone companies. In Australia, people choose phone companies in the same way they choose banks. For some reason, people tend to trust the brands they’ve always known and steer clear of new ideas. And just like the big 4 banks, if you’re not prepared to shop around for your phone services, and consider alternatives like Amaysim, you might be missing on the best deals.

What’s Good about Amaysim?

Yes, in our opinion Amaysim is an excellent choice. Here’s why:

  • Excellent value  Plans under $40 include the things you actually need
  • Great data packs  The Unlimited Plan includes a whooping 5GB, but even with the lower plans you can get great data add ons
  • Award winning plans  Money Magazine have awarded Amaysim Plans as “Best of the Best”
  • Award winning service  Canstar Blue consistently rate Amaysim service as the best in the industry
  • Powered by the Optus 3G network  Optus is one of the top networks and covers more than 97% of the Australian population
  • No contracts  You are not tied to a contract and you can leave anytime you like

What are Our Recommendations?

Amaysim are incredible value for 3G phone owners. Choose Amaysim Flexi for average usage, Amaysim Unlimited if you want best in market data inclusions at the $45 price point and Amaysim’s PAYG plan if you make a call a day.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, Amaysim has the upper hand with 4G pre-paid data and pricing value.

In terms of fairness, we do wish that the benefits didn’t expire after 30 days, but that’s an industry-wide strategy that there’s no easy way around.

If you need data on your phone, this is one of the best value ways to go about it.

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