Traveling is one of the luxuries that allow a person to unwind from the mounting stress in their everyday life. Going out on a vacation with the family or friends, seeing other places, and visiting historical landmarks can be really relaxing. However, the notion of going out of the state or out of the country can also be stressful in terms of calculating the expected expenses. Traveling without spending excessively is what most of us wants; fulfilling it is a job for CheapOAir.

Booking and Services

CheapOAir is an online travel website that is based in the United States owned by Fareportal Inc. It has an easy navigating search engine that allows a traveler to narrow down his search results and view them in more details. You can choose your flight schedule and what cabin type you’d like to have (is it in the economy class or business class); which hotel you prefer to settle in.  You can also book, via internet, if you want to add rental cars; and CheapOAir also offers airport parking reservations.

Travel insurance is also available for those who want to guarantee their trip security. CheapOAir partnered with CSA Travel Protection to insure the customers – from booking their flights, to their tour emergencies, to the loss or delay of luggage.

CheapOAir also comes in handy. A free application is available for iPhone and android users that can be used to book flights through their electronic devices, manage their account, and interact with the site’s online community.

Discounts and Promos

CheapOAir also gives coupon from $10 – $15. They also offer discounts for certain types of customers like seniors, students and last minute travelers. Having to travel with more than 10 people can also lessen the expenses. Group travelers also have the option of using the services of a travel planning expert who does research and provides help in booking flights and hotels.

Customer Feedback and Concern

CheapOAir has by far the cheapest offer by an online travel agency. This, however, is not inclusive of the company’s fees. The total amount that needs to be paid can be viewed upon booking in the website; travelers must expect a small service fee. CheapOAir has been transparent in terms of charges; additional expenses are listed in the Taxes and Fees section of the site. Some users are still surprised about the service charges, however.

On the other hand, most customers are pleased with CheapOAir’s customer service which offers prompt assistance in addressing their flight-related problems.


All in all, CheapOAir provides quality services at a lower price – from booking flights, to accommodations, to travel securities. Likewise, CheapOair has 24/7 customer service.

To those who are planning to take a vacation any time soon, consider the services offered by this website. If you find other online travel agencies that offer lower rates than CheapOAir, they will pay $10.

Have a safe and relaxing travel!

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