KJ Magnetics

K&J Magnetics has a wide variety of strong neodymium magnets in stock, ready to ship. Shapes include discs, cylinders, blocks, spheres, rings and more. They also carry a wide selection of neodymium Mounting Magnets.

How it works?

They have a youtube channel that shows you in details their magnet functions and quality. You can check them out here. Below is a video from their channel:

Customer Reviews

Following are the customers feedbacks we found online.


“I have had 2 orders with them and both have been fine. Prompt shipping and got what I ordered. Also packaged well and at least they offer USPS shipping that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg unlike UPS or FedEx Ground.

It seems reading the other reviews here that their customer service sucks, but I have not had to deal with them.”


“Excellent quality. Great packaging. Fast shipping. Bought several different shapes, sizes, and strengths. Each separately well packaged. Arrived in excellent condition. All magnets separated by plastic inserts greatly facilitating separation. Additionally, their online calculator is extremely useful and accurate predicting performance. Found especially useful the ability to calculate strength (3 pull- or push-force cases to choose from) as a function of separation distance, not just direct contact. Using non-metallic spacers, it’s possible find many, many ways to achieve just the right desired force. Definitely recommend and will buy again.”


“I was very pleased with the ordering process.Product arrived in time and perfect condition.”

Shipping & Payment

Payments can be made online by secure credit card transaction or by PayPal, with no sign up or registration required. You can also place your order online without making payment: select the “Mail-In Payment” or “Phone-In Payment” option during checkout. This will allow you to input your order and shipping details and make payment later. You can then send in payment for the order via “Snail Mail”, or you can call at 1-888-SHOP-KJM (1-888-746-7556) to provide your credit card information over the phone. Please note that this is an order-only line.

Most importantly, they do ship international.

Where to buy?

You can also buy their products at site like Alibaba.com. However, we would recommend you buy straight from their official website to get the best deals.

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