Reviews – Reliable Booking Site? is UK leading hotel booking site. There is a whole range of hotels with low prices.

Hotels not only from UK but all over the world include large in Europe regions.

Hotels ranges from low cost such as Bed and Breakfast to luxury 5-star hotels, spas and golf results.


  • 24/7 online booking
  • over the phone booking – 2pm-11pm GMT
  • you canĀ  do late booking as well as booking in advance of 1 year ahead.

Customer Reviews

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Very popular booking agent over here. I’ve used them on several occasions and never had a problem

Used them only a couple of weeks ago and got a cracking deal on the Millennium at Chelsea Football Club. Smooth website experience, no hassles on check-in, all good really..

I’ve used them often and whenever I’ve had a query and had to call them they were really helpful.

I have used them many times and for hotels in 3 different countries. Only thing I would add is call the hotel a couple of days after you book and confirm your reservation. You pay the hotel when you leave as normal.

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Definately a service Iwould use again and again no nonesense straightfoward

A very easy to use website that is full of all the information you will require, and unbeatable prices also.

Excellent hosts, wonderful accommodation, superb breakfast, just what we needed after a long days walk

I have used Late Rooms on many occasions & on every one of them been completely satisfied with the service & rates given. On many occasions the hotels have been outstanding value for money.


If you looking for advance booking or late booking, you should definitely check out laterooms for their low prices and wide range of hotels worldwide.