Psyche Review is the North’s premium designer clothing store. Designer Fashion Online. The multi-award winning designer clothing retailer has evolved over thirty years into an iconic destination for designer menswear, designer women clothing and childrens clothing. Established in 1982, Psyche has received recognition on an international stage, attracting the attention of fashion industry heavyweights in both the UK and further afield in Tokyo, Singapore, New York and Europe.

The Outlet

Shopping in Psyche is an experience in itself! The vast exterior with it’s gorgeous clothes in the window just invites you in. The staff here are very professional, friendly and helpful.

It has three floors, the first being mens wear with a hairdressers on the left. The central stairs cascade downwards very fancily and if you go up you’ll find yourself in the ladies section and childrens clothing. There is also an absolutely gorgeous bridal section with dresses to die for. Just going in this section could generate a review in itself. The only problem with the clothes here are the prices!

The ladies section is well stocked and beautifully arranged with some absolutely gorgeous top desinger shoes.

With them all being designer you can find that you’re setting yourself back a bit but there’s nothing more to expect really! The top floor does offer some cheaper designers and despite the price I would say to definitely check out this place, if not to star in awe at the decor on the walls.

The Online Store

Great selection of interesting brands, on a well laid out website.

Customer Feedback

i do most of my clothes shopping on yoox, who have more choice, and a bigger sale section, but then it is full of a lot of crap these days too, not like it used to be.
as such, if psyche keep growing, and keep bringing in interesting brands, with a healthy sale section full of last seasons gear, then i might start using them more often.

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