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The Miles Kimball Company is a leader in the catalog business — offering cards, gifts, helpful household items, and unique food products. Operating from the shores of the Fox River in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the business consists of several distinct catalogs: Miles Kimball, Christmas Cards by Miles Kimball, and Mrs. Kimball’s Candy Shoppe.

Now they have bring them all to their online store. Miles Kimball’s vision: to provide you with the unique, the unusual and the unexpected.

From pkastar,

I have ordered from the Miles Kimball company many times over the years and have never had a bad experience with them. I have ordered from their printed mail catalog many times in the past, and I have also ordered from their website online. Their prices are always reasonable, and their shipping is quick, and I have always been satisfied with their products and their service. Some of their products are quirky gifts or funny gifts that you may not be able to find elsewhere. It’s a fun place to shop, because they have lots of unique products at reasonable prices. We bought some white metal wire pantry shelving from them recently and I was very pleased with that product. (It is an over the door hanging shelving system that I saw for sale on several different websites, but by doing some comparison shopping, I was able to find it at Miles Kimball for the lowest price.)

From Sammylane,

When I need a gift and have no idea of what to buy I look to Miles Kimball. They have everything and I mean everything from small practical items to unique and unusual. This place is perfect for holiday or gift shopping but I love to just do some old fashion looking for ideas. Their service is outstanding. Starting with ordering and ending with delivery. Very seldom is something back ordered and they let me know in advance so I won’t be disappointed. They are great to do business with and should you need to return an item it is no big deal however returns at any of these businesses can end up costing you as much as the items. I plan ahead and make a list so when they offer free shipping a couple of times a year that’s when I do my ordering. Kimball does offer hard to find and unusual items. The shipping charges can be more or less depending on how you have it shipped, I have discovered that normal shipping gets it here in a reasonable amount of time and go that route. They do provide a tracking for your order so that helps you to know when it will arrive. I like this way of shopping.

From San Francisco, is a site that I never thought I would give a 10 to, but you simply can’t beat the overall ease and value of getting a personalized gift especially for a child or tween. They have a lot of items and frankly, most of them aren’t for me. However, the personalized section could not be easier or more effective. As an auntie of 10 young kids (under 12) I’ve learned that anything with their name on it is a HUGE HIT. Miles Kimball’s website makes it so easy for me to buy a cute gift (think personalized piggy bank, step stool, ballet bag, puzzle, lunchbox) at a reasonable price. It’s so simple. I just pick a cute gift and then add their name. I have ordered dozens and dozens of items and never had a problem with misspelling (even unique names) and the quality of the items is good. The kids are always thrilled with the gift (because it has their name!) and it’s an easy go-to place to get my birthday and holiday shopping done. Highly suggest using this site. It does take a bit longer to ship (because it’s personalized) so be sure to leave yourself some extra time before the gift-giving occasion.

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