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Zazzle is a Web site that makes it easy for you to sell custom products and merchandise through your blog. You can either upload your own designs to be printed on products like T-shirts, mugs, bags, and more, or you can sell items with designs from Zazzle or other Zazzle members. Since items are printed on demand (when people order them), you don’t have to worry about inventory management. You can even set up your own online store and fill it with the items you want to sell through Zazzle.

Positives of Zazzle

Zazzle is free to join and you can set up your own store to sell as many products as you want. You can upload your own designs, sell products with designs provided by Zazzle on them, or you can sell products with designs uploaded by other members on them. You can also make your own uploaded designs available through the Zazzle Marketplace for other members to sell. You set all of the pricing for your items, and you can earn volume discounts based on the products you sell each month. Zazzle members have some store customization options as well. Since Zazzle handles all customer service, production, shipping, returns, payment processing, and technology, you can focus on creating and selling products. Zazzle also provides useful tracking reports and offers helpful promotional tools.
Excellent variety of products, from greeting cards to t-shirts to customized postage stamps. Good delivery and prices. Not restricted to template designs. Can make a card from a blank slate.

Negatives of Zazzle

The product line offered through Zazzle is smaller than that offered through CafePress but larger than the Printfection product line. Store customization options are a bit limited, but Zazzle is working on advanced customization options, which are in beta mode now (meaning you can use them, but support is not available for those features). Additionally, as with most merchandising sites, the quality of the products offered through Zazzle is not the best.
Clunky online tools for designing and editing. Can’t send cards via postal mail to recipients (can only change “shipping” address). No undo button (only “revert to original”).

Customers Reviews

Janie from
You know how you can never find that perfect card or that perfect little “I’m thinking of you” gift when you need it? Well, you can find it on this website. I could spend a whole day just browsing but I know that I would buy just about everything on there. After I ordered, I decided to mail a couple things out for Valentine’s day which was just around the corner. I called Customer Service and they were just great. Changing my method of shipping would not make it happen unless they could rush it out the door, which they did allowing me to receive my order, package it up and get it to my friend by Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to find that kind of service today and I truly appreciate this website and all that they offer.
Jill Duffy from
Holidays and other gift-giving occasions, from birthdays to graduations, lead a lot of people to try designing custom-made greeting cards, calendars, picture books, and other goods, with photos of the family or just personalized messages. The quality of the finished product depends a lot on the service used to make the product. Zazzle has been helping consumers customize everything from t-shirts to greeting cards for more than ten years, so it’s not a new site or service by a long shot. It’s most similar to Cafe Press in what it offers.
Chad W. from
Regarding business cards: I found the online tools good and the selection of templates very good. I ordered a card with the extra thick stock paper. What I got was poor quality printing with poor color reproduction on a card that felt like three business cards stuck together. I could see the pixels from their printer and what should have been dark silver turned out as off-white. Not going with them again.
Kerry D. from
So, how many coffee cups does a teacher receive as gifts? A lot, I know! I am a teacher! But, as usual, I was scrambling at the last minute to find gifts for my four elementary age children to give to their own teachers when I found the “perfect” mug on Zazzle! (Keep Calm and Pretend It’s on the Lesson Plan) It was perfect! I understand that the teachers loved them so much that they showed every other teacher in the building! Thanks for the “perfect” gift!
Toni S. from
I found the item I needed at a better price than Amazon and I’ve shopped at Zazzle before and I’m a happy customer! Great price, great quality and hard to find products!! 🙂

Bottom Line

You can make your own products, from custom greeting cards and invitations to t-shirts, with Zazzle, but you may be challenged by Zazzle’s online tools. The image editing program doesn’t give experienced users enough to work with, yet isn’t simple enough for beginners, either. Zazzle’s good, but there are better tools at either end of the spectrum.
Zazzle is a great option if you’re disatisfied with the free version of CafePress or want to offer a wider selection of products than you can with Printfection. While CafePress remains the big player in the merchandising realm for bloggers, Zazzle is gaining popularity and may be worth testing.

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