ALLDATAdiy Review is a purveyor of online vehicle repair and diagnostic manuals. All manuals used are the original manufacturer’s manuals, not general summaries provided by some repair manual publishers. Anyone who does their own vehicle maintenance and repair, especially major projects, will benefit from a subscription to this site. I do find the company name slightly confusing; on first look at the name I thought the company sold databases.


Started in 1986 in Elk Grove, CA, the company has grown to be an industry leader. Here are some features unique to their repair manuals:

  • component locations
  • service and repair section using OEM procedures
  • exploded diagrams to conduct repairs
  • detailed wiring diagrams including splice and connector locations
  • diagnostic flow charts
  • technical service bulletins and recalls
  • maintenance schedules and procedures
  • vehicle identification number definitions

Information Provided

ALLDATAdiy provides a research section for its customers. This lets a client look up any pertinent information about a vehicle that might have been missed, especially if the client is not the original owner of the car. This is some of the data that can be researched:

  • detailed technical service bulletins with manufacturer’s letter
  • all recall notices for your vehicle
  • schedule for routine vehicle service intervals
  • schedule for severe use vehicle service intervals
  • service required for vehicle service indicator lights

Customer Reviews

Following are the customers reviews and feedback compiled:

While I *did* have a dispute with AllData, I’m happy to report we arrived at an equitable resolution. If you have a problem with them, my advice is to work your up the ladder and try to talk to Dale Lyons. He’s very diligent and friendly, and unlike the workers below him (who seem pretty restricted in their ability to resolve customer service concerns), Dale can help you.

I just purchased this service for my van. Using a provided schematic, it only took 15 minutes to repair a problem I had been working on for two evenings.

As a subscriber I am impressed with the collection of information AllDataDIY has. As an amateur mechanic, this site has really been a valuable reference for me. The diagrams are very detailed and vital for some of my work. I would recommend this service to other mechanics and car enthusiasts.

Subscriptions Pricing

Subscriptions are sold by vehicle model. A one-year subscription is $29.95; a five year subscription is $44.95. Each additional vehicle requires a separate subscription offered at a reduced rate; the one-year subscription is $16.95; the five-year subscription is $29.95. The company allows client to change their subscription model once during the subscription period. ALLDATAdiy has a 10-day return policy. The company only accepts major credit cards for payment of subscriptions.

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