Groupon Similar Sites – Top Sites in Multiple Countries

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How many daily deal sites like Groupon are there exactly?  Well nobody knows for sure because there are new sites popping up and closing every day – mostly closing lately.  Below we have put together a list of all the top sites like Groupon and a list of some others that have deals in multiple cities.  There are also lots of successful sites that only operate in one city.  Since Groupon launched in November 2008 and soon thereafter started minting money at unprecedented rates,  literally hundreds of Groupon like sites have been created to copy their very successful formula.

Of course, Groupon operate internationally. They are not only popular in the US but also around the world. Here are a few to famous Groupon sites in other countries:

Groupon UK

Groupon Australia

Groupon Belgium

Groupon France

Groupon Germany

Groupon Italy

Groupon Spain

Following are other popular sites similar to Groupon that we have compiled. We will consistently add more sites and update the list below.

Half Off Depot – Currently live in six cities: Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Nashville, Orlando, and Tampa.  Though they aren’t in tons of cities, they are have consistently great deals in the cities they are in.

Plum District -The leader in family focused daily deals.

Crowd Savings – Merged with Half Off Depot to form nCrowd.  I think their local deals are now offered through Half Off Depot

… More to come. Check back…