Review is a Dutch online booking portal, owned and operated by Priceline. It was established in 1996, and offers accommodation booking. It claims to deal with more than 550,000 room nights reservations per day,and in 2013 accounted for more than two thirds of Priceline’s revenue. It was acquired by Priceline in 2005. is available in more than 41 languages. now has over 400, 000 hotels worldwide.

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Customers Reviews

There are thousands of reviews online regarding their hotel reservation and usage of It is our aim to compile and summarize for you here so that you could make the best decision when making your hotel booking for your vacation.


T.A. (4/5 stars)

I have been using booking since last year for most of my traveling. But with what I had experienced today, I will no longer deal or recommend to anyone. I have reserved a hotel near JFK airport and based my request on JFK airport along with airport shuttle. After I made my booking I found out from the hotel that they do not provide shuttle to JFK. Furthermore, after making my cancelation I called Booking and the representative did not handle the complain properly for that I have escalated the issue to her advisor. Who needs such headache. From now on I will not deal with and I wish others will either be extra careful or not use it.

Jacques (4/5 stars)

We have been using for the past few years.Our experiences have always been conclusive especially this last trip.We have just came back from the Philippines and had booked 2 hotels in Puerto Princesa.Did the first part and then when we moved to the Microhotel ,I had made the mistake of booking it in MANILA.!
The hotel accommodated us last minute and I immediately called booking 24hrs number and they did all the leg work to cancel my reservation for that day in Manila and even got them to waive the cancellation charges!! Koodos for booking ,all our other reservations went smoothly .We will continue to use

Amy (5/5 stars)

I have used three times in the past year and have been completely satisfied each time! I have had no problems what so ever. I was slightly hesitant at first as i chose the option to pay on arrival at the hotel and felt really weird about the fact id apparently booked a room flown to get there and yet to pay. But time and time again its been a pleasure and its the only site i go to now to book my hotels or apartments.

Lez M. (4/5 stars)

I LOVE the book now and pay later feature! It is great because when you are planning for big vacations or small ‘staycations” you don’t want to pay the lump sum upfront. I only give it 4 stars because I haven’t completed my stay yet. But I have been to the hotel before and know I will like it. Just need to make sure my check-in is seemless and that I truly dont get charged before then.

Susie (5/5 stars)

I travel quite often and do not book through anyone but Love them and they will do what they can to assist you. Would recommend to anyone. I have made 6 bookings with them in the past 5 months and have been happy with each and every one. Thankyou.

RSharpe (5/5 stars)

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The Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using

1. All inclusive lists of hotels.
Where you would have to track down the information to compare prices on their individual websites or by calling the hotels directly, gives you a wide variety of rooms in the area you search for. This can save you some time and effort.

2. User friendly website.
Some of the drop down menus on Hotel websites can be a pain. They don’t always allow you to enter the amount of guests you want total for the rooms available. You have to sort this out later on most hotel reservation sites. displays the perks of each room without navigating you away from the list of rooms as well. This makes it easier to compare prices and amenities between rooms or hotels.

3. No Booking Fees
This one is a great perk. Unlike and other online reservation/travel sites, does not charge fees for their services to you the customer.

4. Book Now, Pay Later and Free Cancellation
Some of the rates you can get by booking early through hotel reservations online require that you pay upfront for the room and cannot back out. Which can really aggravating if plans change or you find a much better deal somewhere else.


Lowest rates, No payment in advance, Reservation is free, Cancellation is free.

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