Hotels Combined Review

Hotels Combined is not a hotel booking site it is a search engine, just like Google but it brings you results only from hotel booking sites and and the hotel’s sites.

Hotels Combined is a price comparison website that helps customers find the best deals on accommodation around the world. Unlike Expedia, Hotels Combined doesn’t look at flights or package holiday offers. At the moment, it specifically looks at the cost of accommodation and how you can get it cheaper.

How long did you used to spend comparing hotel prices online?

Perhaps like me you are used to comparing prices on several hotel booking sites. I would normally go straight to, then then then and once I had found a hotel that I liked I would check what Trip Advisor had to say about it. But that wasn’t all, what about all those other great hotel booking sites,, Yoahoo travel etc etc. And then don’t forget the actual hotel’s home website.
How long would all that take you? And presuming by the time you got through all that the room was still available!

Well now there is Hotels Combined

Hotels Combined does just that, it combines all the hotel booking sites into one list of hotel offers and you choose which offer you want to look into. Then you click on the icon and you go straight to the hotel booking site with the lowest price is offered!

How Does Hotels Combined Work?

Hotels Combined searches over 100 holiday websites including Expedia, and Laterooms to find the best offers. It then displays the room options, price, and website where you can get the deal.  You select the offer you like the look of and then you’ll be redirected to the appropriate webpage to continue with your booking.

This means that you could end up booking through a lesser known website. We always recommend that you do some research on the company before you book.  A few minutes reading reviews on Trustpilot and generally having a look about for some information can help you get a better understanding of the company and your rights.

Customers Reviews

Rustyphoe from Sydney

I’ve used this website several times to book hotels and found it to be fantastic – especially from a time saving point of view. I highly recommend this website.

There’s a huge number of hotels and destinations and in a couple of clicks, you can select the destination and accommodation that best suits you the best prices.

Elhay from Sydney

HotelsCombined is the best site to search hotels. With so many hotel booking sites out there, I don’t need to waste my time checking each one individually to find the lowest rate. I know I’m getting the best deal every time.
It’s pretty easy to find what I’m looking for with the filter options too from number of stars to price range.

I’ve booked all my hotels through this site since discovering it and I highly recommend it.

Louis Scaffil from CA

Fabulous, Fantastic and Fast HotelsCombined is so easy to use. It is also so connected with the Hotel Industry. You can book a hotel room virtually anywhere in the world. Simply type in the destination, the check in time, the check out time, the number of guests and the beds needed. It literally takes about 6 seconds and hey presto you have a list of the number of hotels in the city, the number of rooms available at the nearest airports, districts and landmarks!
What else could you possible ask for? Get this! You will see the discounted price for using HotelCombined. Now that is everything!

Tsimas Kosta from Athens

The best site to find hotels’ lowest prices worldwide.

Save money when you Book Hotels

If you think about it how many hotel booking sites do you check out when you are looking for a deal on a hotel? 1? 4? How ever many you manage to look at you can never manage to see all the hotel booking sites on line, but Hotels Combined can and does. Hotels combined scans ALL the hotel booking sites as well as the hotel home pages so that you will save money getting deals from sites you may not have gotten round to looking at.

Save yourself not only time but money and let Hotels Combined do the searching for you and get you the best deal!

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