E300S Razor Scooter Recall? Find out here!


E300S Razor scooter is a seated electric motor that is providing children with unmatched provision to cruise around. The scooters come from a trusted brand of products going by the name Razor. This company started its operation in 200 and since then it has been making quality products for children leading to its products gaining popularity in the market.

E300S Razor scooter recall? No, there is no such recall. This is one of the best scooters for kids ever!

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E300S Razor electric scooter comes with a seat that can both be adjusted on its size and also removed. It also runs on an electric power coming from a twin battery in fitted in the scooter. The scooter runs on pneumatic wheels. The rear wheels are characterized by shock absorbers that make it possible to have smooth driving.

Razor Scooter E300S list of features:

  • The scooter operates on electric batteries that are eco-friendly
  • They come with twin battery for increased power retention
  • Have rear hands controlled brakes hence good speed control
  • Have a seat for long cruising
  • The seat is adjustable to suit different sized people
  • Has chain maneuvered motor that can gain 15 mph
  • Has 10 inch pneumatic tires that allow for smooth driving

What age is the scooter best for?

Razor E300S scooter is suitable for kids aged 12 years and above. Adults can also ride the scooter if they are below 220 pounds.

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The Good
  • The seat facilitates long distance riding
  • It can be ridden in rough terrain areas since the rear wheels have shock absorbers
  • The high speed- 15 mph is suitable for using in public roads since you will not drag the traffic
  • It is made of strong and durable material yet it is light
The Bad
  • Has only a 90 day warranty
  • A single battery can ride for 20 continuous minutes only
  • Battery charging takes up to 8 hours to charge fully

Razor Electric Scooter E300S increase the maneuverability of your child. It can also influence children who are inactive to become physically active. The little power lasting solution is solved by the twin battery that allows you to operate the scooter for at least 40 minutes.

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What are the Razor E300S review saying?

By Blake from Cheshire USA,

The scooter is easy to control. It is advertised to have a speed of 15mph and I managed to time it to 19 mph. The only problem with it is the battery. It can only last for 40 minutes and somebody told me after 200 charges you will need to purchase a new one.

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By Jimbo A. from Maryland,

The scooter is a good cruiser. I have had no problem with it. However, I weigh 185 ponds and I have noted it does not maneuver well with me like it is doing with my son. I’m advising anyone above the stated 125 pounds to seek an alternative.

Summarized for size, read the full review here.