iCracked Review

Founded in 2010, iCracked fosters a community of nearly 2,000 iTechs across the country. In fact, iCracked is the world’s largest and most efficient on-demand repair and trade-in network for iOS devices. And unlike mall kiosk repair shops and their unpredictable reliability, you can be sure that iTechs from iCracked are properly trained technicians who know what they’re doing.

Repair Your Phone

Most of us have been there, we’ve cracked our phone or iPad screen and are left with the hassle of arranging an appointment in the Apple Store where it’s impossible to get a time and date to suit you, and if you’re late by only a few minutes, it’s back to square one to arrange another appointment date.

It shouldn’t ever be this difficult in this day and age and so iCracked have come up with the perfect solution. Call or arrange an appointment with them online at any time and date to suit you, they will come and collect your device and take it away or even better, fix it there and then in front of you at no extra charge.

Sell Your Phone

On the other hand, if you’re looking to sell your iPhone or iPad you can select options which describe the condition of your device from within iCracked™ and the process will more or less be the same, allowing you to meet a rep somewhere that works for you.

You’ll receive quotes in-app so if you’re not happy with the amounts being suggested then you can simply decline the service and you won’t receive any further contact.


  • Easily request a repair for your iOS device in your local area
  • Also provides a simple service for selling your iOS device
  • A representative will come to meet you at your chosen location
  • Specify things like the condition of your iOS device, any faults, and so on for a speedier service
  • Receive a quote from within the app with no further obligation or contact from representatives
  • Most repairs are completed within an hour so you can get back to tweeting in no time
  • The whole process is very clearly explained within the app in a step-by-step manner


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Users Reviews

From Jackie,

I dropped my phone on the way to work, shattered my iPhone 5c screen.  Huge bummer since I’m leaving town tomorrow and wouldn’t have time to go get it fixed.  I contacted iCracked and got a response within 5 minutes.  Texted with tech Chan Le, we worked out timing and location.  He showed up on time, fixed my phone in about 15 minutes, and I was a happy little camper.

From Katie,

Fast and friendly- I requested service Sunday morning and was hooked up with a tech that doesn’t work Sundays, so we set up an appointment over text for Monday afternoon. Met at a coffee shop and my 5s cracked screen was fixed within 20 mins.

Cost was 150 after tax, much cheaper than the 250 the apple store was going to charge me.

From Greg,

Great service.  Brian Barnes is the one to request in the Littleton and Denver area.  Friendly and efficient at what he does.  He is experienced and provided me with great care for my cracked iPhone 5 screen.  I highly recommend iCracked and more specifically Brian.

From Linda,

Chris L. contacted me within minutes of my online inquiry. He was able to pick up my iPad from my home at 6pm, replace the screen at his workshop, and drop the iPad off at my workplace at 10am the next morning–I am über-pleased with the quick turnaround and convenience! I would highly recommend Chris and iCracked: excellent customer service and the repair is of the highest quality. Hey, they even offer a lifetime guarantee for the repair so you cannot go wrong!


Let’s face it, we live in a world where we cannot be without our devices for an hour, let alone a day and iCracked provide a service which you can only dream of from the big suppliers currently based in the UK. They are setting the bar at a very high standard by offering a quick high quality service.

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