Shutterstock Review

Shutterstock is one of the ‘Big 6’stock photo agencies on the internet today and refer to themselves as simple, elegant and user friendly. This is the largest microstock in the world which is currently selling around 20 millions of royalty free images, with this figures increasing by 90-100 thousands weekly.  With a long history of stock image selling and buying, Shutterstock caters to designers and corporate accounts that require large inventories of stock photos. For this reason their buying model is subscription only.

Subscription Options

Shutterstock is a subscription only stock photo agency. They offer standard license 25-a-day or on-demand subscriptions and have an enhanced subscription for alternate licensing options. Subscription buying options are transparent and clearly defined.

  • Subscriptions vary in criteria so check the parameters carefully
  • Image prices favor large downloads with the 25-a-day subscription option offering cheapest per image price
  • Minimum investment to buy images is $49.00 USD for on-demand and $249.00 USD for 25-a-day

Image Searching Tool

Shutterstock has a good search engine for their image database. Their categories are extensive, they have included keyword prompting, the search tool is conveniently located and they have included a colour option that is easy to use and specific to designers color requirements.


Although they offer over 10 million images, they offer a good variety including some illustrations, vector images, photo objects, clip art and a limited collection of editorial type photos.  Quality is never sacrificed for the sake of quantity at Shutterstock.


ShutterStock offers a good selection of quality images for a moderate subscription price.  It’s a stock photography service that’s on the up-and-up.  With its current growth, it’s sure to overtake some of its more prestigious competitors any day now.  We see nothing but good things coming from this company.

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