Yatango Review

Who is Yatango?

Yatango is an Australian company with an entirely new model for providing mobile phone services. They are a SIM only provider with a difference. Their unique approach centres around a community based model. Essentially the users, aka you, design their own phone plans, sign up more customers and run the customer service department. This genius business model helps Yatango to keep their costs down by getting you to do some of the work. The idea being that in return you get low call rates to enjoy.

Yatango use the optus 4G network, so coverage is great.

We recommend Yatango for unlimited voice and SMS plans in Australia. No other Australian phone company offers the same level of value on unlimited plans, on the Optus 4G network. Importantly, despite the fact that it’s the same network, Optus themselves on’t even offer pricing this good for their unlimited plans when you put them head to head. Specifically, Yatango’s unlimited voice and SMS in Australia plans start at $27.90 per month. We recommend you add some data to that.

  • $34.90 = Unlimited voice and SMS in Australia + 1GB of 4G data.
  • $43.90 = Unlimited voice and SMS in Australia + 3GB of 4G data.

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How do they compare against other SIM only providers? 

If you’ve got a 4G phone ( like an iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or any iPhone 6 – or a Galaxy phone like a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 ) AND you want unlimited talk and text plus 4G data, no one can touch Yatango. Simply put, Yatango have the best unlimited pricing for plans with 4G data in Australia.

Speed Test

Using Speedtest.net the best result I was able to achieve was 2.59Mbps download and 0.38Mbps upload (this was at 9.19pm on a Friday night). However as I have stated with other data speed tests I have done, I find them very inconsistent at the best of times and I can only recommend that you try a sim for yourself at home and where you regularly use your phone like work or school. This will give you a better indication regarding speed.


  • Free trial with loads of credit.
  • Build your own plan is long overdue. Feedback from Yatango is that you can adjust your spend and what you spend your allowance on each month based on what you need. So it is very flexible.
  • Online Access Portal is really easy to use and updates are live.
  • Activation process is very, very simple.


If you like communicating via the Internet using Facebook, What’s app, Twitter etc rather than good old fashioned talk and text then designing a Yatango plan with a huge bucket of data might be right for you. However, if you like a few phones calls and some texts every day as well then you should stick with another provider as their rates will be better value.

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