Cricut Cake Machine – Best Deals and Discount!

Cricut Cake MachineCricut Cake machine is a newly introduced machine in the market. Probably you have already heard about the Cricut expression machine used in making perfect pages and decoration of scrap book pages. This is a special version of the scrapbooking machine which is designed in designing decorations in foods; particularly customization of cakes.

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Cricut Cakes are made of stainless steel which is food safe. The mat is also designed to be food safe but consider using a kind of shortening to ensure your cake will not stick on the mat. The functioning of this machine is no different from the Expression variety. In fact, you can use the cartridges of the expression in this machine.

Cricut for cake list of features:

  • All parts coming in contact with food are made of stainless steel and other materials that are food safe.
  • Its cartridge is compatible with that of Expression machine and hence you can use cartridges you had bought earlier in this machine.
  • Comes with numerous designs hence increasing your design options.
  • The cutting blades are suitable for cutting a variety of food types increasing the varieties of foods you can use it in.
  • Has adjustment panel where you can control its speed, language.

Who should get this machine?

Cricut Cake personal electronic cutter is designed for people dealing with making designer and professional baked items as well as confectionaries.

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The Good
  • This Cricut Cake decorator machine comes with a complete guide.
  • It certainly makes the decoration work faster.
  • The outer material is made of silicon, plastic and stainless steel material which are all easy to clean and food safe.
The Bad
  • Can be damaged by water hence you cannot clean it in a dishwasher. However, a damp cloth will be enough to clean all the necessary parts to the required cleanliness.

Cricut Cake machines have a lot of decorations that will satisfy anyone despite the level of their skills to professional cakes making. Here are also a lot of designs you can use in customization of qualities offered by this machine. For all cake makers and cake decorators’ lovers out there, you just can’t miss this amazing cutting machine!

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Check out the Cricut Cake reviews from current owners:

By Soledad A. from El Paso,

This is my first cricut machine. I like it since it has improved my working speed tremendously. The only challenge I’m getting from it is the learning curve. The tips and instruction bags are just not enough. You have to keep practicing before you are capable of using this machine professionally.

Review summarized. Read original review here.

By Young baker,

We bought this machine recently. We cook cakes often in our homes. I don’t like reading tedious instructions when I’m excited. I wonder what people are saying that the instructions are difficult; they are straightforward.

Review summarized. Read original review here.

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