Cricut Expression Machine – An Honest Review

Cricut Expression MachineNo it is not recall, in fact, it is an awesome die cutter. The Cricut Expression machine is a life saver tool you cannot afford to miss in your scrapbooking office. It is also a suitable machine if you are an enthusiast of making artistic features. Many housewives, secretaries, principals and artists spend a lot of time moving from one office to another trying to find the materials for their projects. This machine will save you from all that hassle.

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Cricut Expressions machine is medium sized and hence rather portable. It will replace a number of decoration tools and hence will help in maximizing your space in your office. It comes with thousands of designs you can create creatively in making smart patterns.

Watch the video below on step-by-step how to made magnet paper dolls with Cricut Expressions. It is amazing!

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Let’s take a look at Cricut Expression personal electronic cutter’s features

  • The machine is medium sized and hence allows a certain limit of portability
  • Is installed with thousands of designs you can customize in your artwork
  • The blades are designed to cut decorative measures of different sizes ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches respectively
  • Is multi purpose and hence will replace a number of tools in your office making it spacious and non-cluttered
  • Has Xtra buttons primarily reserved to support more features and abilities in future

Who the Cricut Expressions are designed for?

Cricut Expression sale is targeted to enthusiasts of art. Anyone who likes making creative decorations can invest in this machine to explore their ability even better.

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The Good
  • Has special settings that can be used in customizing language, multiple cuts, measuring units …
  • Comes with two DVDs to guide users on how to use the machine
  • There is a free trial for prospective clients to test the efficiency of the machine before getting committed on spending on it
The Bad
  • The new model is bigger
  • It is also expensive

However, this machine is suitable for anyone looking for real decoration experience. The bigger size is meant to accommodate more features while the increase in price is justified by the added enhancements.

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Let’s check out some Cricut Expression reviews from current owners:

By Bill Jones,

I bought this machine for my daughter during her graduation. She likes the machine just like I also like it. I ordered the machine and it was delivered to my doorstep the following day for free. This was less costly than what it would have probably cost had I purchased it from Walmart.

By Julz from California,

This is the best crafting product I have ever invested in. I have a number of these machines in my store but I’m using this up to 3 times a week. The justified Cricut expression machine best price is approximately $225.

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