Razor E100 Electric Scooter – Provides the Best Thrill to your Children

Razor Electric E100 scooter

In case you have been unsuccessfully looking for the best gift to reward your kid, you can take a look at the Razor E100 electric scooter. Many kids who have tried this scooter have found it a good source of joy where they can run about the neighborhood and the compound as well as take part in competitions.

Rewarding your child with an E100 scooter is a sign that you trust their independence. The devices are loaded with oodles of safety measures but there is still room for your child to take over maneuverability of the scooter.

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The scooter is a perfect gift for a child who spends a lot of time indoors watching TV. It can motivate them to engage in some outdoor activities as the scooter creates remarkable thrill.

List of Razor scooter E100 remarkable features:

  • It is powered by a chain drive motor hence increasing its speed and maneuverability
  • The motor is electric driven hence is eco-friendly
  • The scooter is made with double welded structure that is lightweight but durable
  • It has a rear brake hand brake that makes it possible for the driver to maintain the speed of the device without losing its balance
  • It runs on pneumatic kinds of wheels hence can be used on rough terrain
  • It is capable of holding up to a maximum of 120 pounds weight
  • The battery takes only 4 hours to get recharged
  • The speed throttle of the scooter can be set to different limits

Suitable for kids of what age?

  • Electric scooter E100 is suitable for children above 8 years with a weight below 120 pounds.

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In general, this scooter is capable of creating sheer thrill for inactive children and hence you can consider purchasing one if your children are the kind who would keep watching TV the whole day.

Pros of Razor electric E100:
  • There is adequate space on the scooter for placement of both of the rider’s feet.
  • They are suitable for use by both girls and boys.
  • They are available in a variety of colors hence can be customized to your child’s tastes.
Cons of the scooter:
  • Careless maneuvering of the device can result to dangerous accident. Therefore, to ensure that your child is safe when riding this scooter on public road, train them on road safety. Purchase helmets and pads for knees and elbows to reduce injury effects in case of accidents.
  • Can only be ridden by a person below 120 pounds.

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See what are the Razor E100 reviews from the kids:

From Fizzler,

My daughter already loves it. She cannot get out of it although she can’t ride in rough terrain. At least there has been no mechanical breakage so far.

From Mbny,

The scooters are good products but retain your receipt for return in case they have problems. I ordered 2 devices for my twin sons; one was perfect and the other was slightly faulty.

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