Razor A5 Lux scooter – A new trend of pleasure creation


Razor A5 Lux scooter do get a lot of attention especially from the university students. The speed of the device is good and hence you are capable of covering a large distance over a shortened period of time.

A5 scooter is available in Urethane wheels measuring 200 mm making it the biggest scooter available in the market at the moment. The extra large wheels are making it possible for one to use this scooter conveniently in rough terrain as well as do little pushing when riding.

This scooter is not only bigger in size but it is also capable of holding larger weights than the previous versions of scooters.

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List of Razor scooter A5 features:

  • Made with light but strong and durable material
  • Has larger wheels that are suitable for cruising in rough terrain regions
  • Is made with stronger material than previous models and hence can hold greater weight
  • Has a speed throttle that allows the driver to adjust the speed of the device to the desired limits
  • Is fitted with rear brakes that are operated by hand and hence the driver is capable of controlling the device speed without losing control

A5 Razor scooter is gaining popularity among the youth. It is suitable for use by children above 8 years and teenagers.

The increased strength of the device and lightweight is making it finding greater use among more mature people like students. High speed as well as maneuverability is making them a favorite choice.

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Razor A5 review records:

Nature girl says,

The scooter is a good ride and also can create a good speed. Maneuverability is also perfect especially when you are riding on smooth terrain.

However, the braking system is weak. You cannot brake instantly and hence you have to start planning your stop from far. You can also not ride the scooter with a trouser with baggy bottom since it will get stuck on the rear wheel. I have had mine sticking on several occasions until I have decided to be wearing Velcro pants when I’m riding. Finally, Razor scooter A5 Lux does not have adequate space where you can place both of your feet. You can only ride with one at a time or decide to place both with half of each foot hanging.

Speedracematt says,

I bought the scooter for my daughter when she was joining campus. So far she loves it since it has large wheels and good maneuverability. It folds easily and moves easily.

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